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A MAN has revealed how he makes hundreds of pounds an hour by taking pictures of houses.

Eli Jones shared the super easy side hustle on TikTok which only requires a camera and another cool piece of kit.

In a clip, he told viewers he earns a total of $300 (£270) for surveying a house which he undertakes on behalf of real estate companies.

The first thing he does is take still images of the interior – which takes him a total of 15-20 minutes.

He claims he gets paid up to $175 (£157) for the service – and that’s far from all.

Eli offers to take drone footage for $95 and even produces social media content for a round total of $125 so influencers can promote their properties on Instagram and TikTok.

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While a floor plan is also included in his services – costing buyers up to $75 for a five minute job.

The TikToker says most of the work is done using his smartphone and utilises helpful apps such as CubiCasa.

Eli said all editing is outsourced and is conveniently factored out of the costs.

It takes “zero” hours he said, explaining the process to followers in the comments.

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He added: “It’s outsourced overnight and delivered to the client the next morning!”

Real estate is worth thousands and has promoted several moguls to share their tips to starting business and making money on platforms such as TikTok.

Lauren Piller, for example, is an Airbnb host and has made her fortune through a clever side hustle.

Lauren is a retired nurse turned self-taught real estate investor and makes a whopping $20,000 (£16,280) a month.

Lauren has over 126.7k TikTok followers and 1 million likes and is one to go to if you need some advice on an Airbnb side hustle.

Lauren explained: “I was able to quit nursing and make five times my salary from the comfort of my home. 

“I’m a five-star Airbnb host, here to teach you how to become financially free hosting on Airbnb, with or without property.

“I quit nursing for good in 2018, a year leading up to that I started my own marketing agency.

“I also knew that I was going to save up and buy a rental property.

 “I ended up making $20,000 passively in my first years hosting on Airbnb.”

Side hustles have become an increasingly popular source of income for many amid the cost of living crisis – and it doesn’t stop at real estate.

One woman recently told the Sun how she make £10k a month & even lost 9st as a result of her new venture.

She says it has enabled her to can pay off my mortgage early.

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Another woman revealed how she makes over £37k a month by working just two hours each day.

While another savvy mogul claims he can generate up to £38k with just a few clicks of the mouse.

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