Jon Voight cries while interviewing Donald Trump

‘I can’t go through this story without crying’: Jon Voight interviews Trump and breaks down in tears while recalling story that ex-President offered to pay for cancer treatment of golf course worker

  • ‘Well first off all I think it’s so nice the way you expressed that. And even the slight little tears that come, you’re just a fantastic person,’ Trump said to Voight
  • Jon Voight sat down with Trump for the actor’s Newsmax ‘documentary’ on the Middle East peace deal known as the Abraham Accords 
  • Voight did most of the talking while Trump nodded in agreement with Voight’s compliments of his White House tenure, personality and business acumen
  •  ‘I didn’t have to do too much talking,’ Trump smirked at the end of the interview
  • Trump also warned: ‘The country is in trouble. It’s got to be solved fairly quickly’

Actor Jon Voight broke down in tears while interviewing Donald Trump and discussing a story in which the ex-president offered to pay for cancer treatments for a golf course employee.

The former president said very few words himself during the 20-minute segment as the actor opined about what he believes were Trump’s successes in office and thanked him for building golf courses.

It prompted Trump to smirk after the interview, ‘I didn’t have to do too much talking.’

And an emotional Voight told Trump in a bizarre ending, ‘I hope it’s worthy of you.’

But what moved him to tears was the recollection of a story Voight said he had been told at one of Trump’s many golf courses about a woman who worked there named ‘Sally’ who Trump apparently knew was going through cancer treatment.

‘You went in and said yeah, “She’s -have her come see me,” and you went to one of the offices, and she came in, and you said, “I hear you having a little bit of a difficulty.” And she said “Well, I have some cancer,”‘ Voight described hearing.

He quickly grew teary eyed and appeared unable to speak.

‘See? I’m getting emotional. This is from the – you keep saying the champ, can’t watch the champ without crying. Well I can’t go through this story without crying,’ Voight told Trump.

Actor Jon Voight filmed a 20-minute documentary for Newsmax on the Abraham Accords peace deal

The Academy Award winner spent much of his interview opining about what he believes to be Trump’s greatest successes in office, his personality and his business acumen

‘And you said let me take care of the – take care of the, whatever it’s gonna cost.’

Voight told Trump: ‘That’s who you are.’

The Academy Award winner proceeded to give Trump an emotional thanks for expanding his golf courses across the country, claiming it was ‘personal’ because his father was a golfer.

‘Anyway so I’m just very grateful for your presence in so many areas,’ Voight fawned.

Trump replied, ‘Well first off all I think it’s so nice the way you expressed that.’

‘And even the slight little tears that come, you’re just a fantastic person,’ he said. 

At one point, it was Trump asking Voight the questions. 

The actor predicted there would be a ‘turnaround’ in the country, prompting Trump to ask: ‘Is that a hope, your instinct? I mean, why do you believe that?

Voight’s waxing poetic prompted Trump to quip at the end of the interview, ‘I didn’t have to do too much talking’

‘If some very big things don’t happen very quickly, there can’t be a turnaround,’ Trump warned.

Voight quickly agreed, adding: ‘People say to me to me all the time, will Donald Trump run? I say he certainly will run, but we can’t wait too long.’

He did not stop for Trump to respond before launching into the next topic.

The interview was part of a Newsmax ‘documentary’ he made about Trump’s Middle East peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates known as the ‘Abraham Accords.’

Voight described the agreement in the opening of his piece: ‘In 2020, the most significant advancement toward peace in the Middle East was formed.’

‘It was an agreement that created relationships in a manner that had never been attempted before and it has achieved results that have exceeded all expectations. And chances are, you’ve never even heard of it,’ he said.

Trump said at another point of the video, ‘When I became president and even before I became president, I spoke very favorably about Israel.’

‘Golan Heights, as an example,’ he added. Most countries outside of the United States believe the Golan Heights to be Syrian territory occupied by Israel.

Another clip showed Trump stating: ‘I’ve always had a good relationship with people of the Jewish faith. I’ve gotten along with them very well.’

The former president’s parting words were a warning that the US is ‘in trouble’ without elaborating what threat he was referring to.

‘I want to thank you and we love the country, the country is in trouble. It’s got to be solved fairly quickly,’ Trump said.

‘There is no choice but to solve the problem, but it’s a big problem. It’s a big problem. And I hope it continues forward, and we love Israel, and we hope everything’s going to be okay.’

He added, ‘A lot of good moves have to be made or it’s not going to be okay.’

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