Meghan's pals say she's been vilified by 'obscene' royals

Meghan’s pals say she’s been vilified by ‘obscene’ royals as US broadcaster Gayle King claims Palace launched a ‘full-scale takedown’

  • US broadcaster Gayle King says Duchess of Sussex was vilified on radio show 
  • Said the Palace ‘launched what appears to be a full-scale takedown of Meghan’
  • She also criticised the Royal Family’s response to the  Jeffrey Epstein scandal

The Royal Family launched a ‘full-scale takedown’ of the Duchess of Sussex, one of her closest friends claimed yesterday.

American broadcaster Gayle King, who also suggested that the Duchess was vilified, made the accusation on her radio show.

She is one of a number of key Meghan allies, a group which includes best friend Jessica Mulroney, whose public support has intensified an already rancorous war of words.

Ms King, 66, said: ‘The Palace – also known as The Firm – has launched what appears to be a full-scale takedown of Meghan which is raging in the UK right now, saying she was a mean girl who mistreated staff, and if you meet Meghan Markle nothing could be further from the truth.’

Meghan’s best friend Jessica Mulroney (pictured right) spoke of the ‘pressure’ Meghan had endured and said she dealt with the situation with ‘kindness, empathy and love

Ms King, who attended Meghan’s New York baby shower and is the best friend of Oprah Winfrey, also criticised what she perceived as the Palace’s failure to intervene in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal.

Comparing it to the bullying investigation, she said: ‘I was thinking how is that investigation going with Prince Andrew who was a friend and associate of Jeffrey Epstein and there were allegations of sleeping with underage girls? We’ve interviewed some of those girls, who are now women, who have told that story.

‘But they appear to be on a huge takedown of Meghan. And what a coinkidink [US slang for coincidence] that these [bullying] allegations first surfaced in 2018 and he Palace has decided to investigate them now.’

Prince Andrew has repeatedly and firmly denied all accusations of impropriety with women, including underage girls.

Elsewhere Ms King said Meghan will make ‘very serious’ revelations about her mental health during the interview. ‘Then people can make up their own minds,’ she added. ‘Because vilified is the word for what has happened to Harry and Meghan, Meghan in particular.’

Meanwhile Ms Mulroney spoke of the ‘pressure’ Meghan had endured and said she dealt with the situation with ‘kindness, empathy and love’.

Sharing an image on Instagram of the Duchess sharing a drink with her, Mulroney wrote alongside it: ‘I don’t know that anyone has ever had to deal with the pressure, the politics and the press like this woman. In the face of it all, I have never seen her waver from kindness, empathy and love.’ 

Recently, there were reports that the two women were no longer close. However, Mulroney denied the rumours and referred to Meghan as ‘family’. 

Gayle King accused the Royal Family of launching a ‘full-scale takedown’ of the Duchess of Sussex on her radio show

Silver Tree, who directed the US drama Suits, in which the Duchess starred, tweeted: ‘This is Meg. A real person – not a cover story. She is one of my very nearest and dearest. Like all her friends I love her madly. She is the friend who insists on always hearing the details of your life, your day, your kids life, your kids day, before hers. Always before hers.’

Another friend, Lindsay Jill Roth, said ‘goodwill runs in her [Meghan’s] bones’, adding: ‘I know this to be true after 22 years of very close friendship. I have seen first-hand how she treats her friends and their families, and colleagues.’

And Meghan’s make-up artist friend Daniel Martin posted a defiant poem: ‘Because she isn’t self-centred, people can see the light in her. Because she does not boast of herself, she becomes a shining example. Because she does not glorify herself, she becomes a person of merit. Because she wants nothing from the world, the world cannot overcome her.’

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