New York City bus left dangling from overpass after crash

A bus in New York City careened off a road and was left dangling from an overpass in a crash late Thursday that caused serious injuries to the driver, police said.

The bus was left dangling after it came off the road in the Bronx. Credit:AP

The vehicle, an articulated bus, crashed just after 11pm Thursday, local time, at the interchange between the Cross Bronx and Major Deegan expressways.

Videos taken by bystanders showed one part of the bus still resting on the bridge, with the other half dangling nearly completely vertical, with its smashed front end resting on the highway ramp below.

Eight people were injured in the incident, authorities say. Credit:AP

Eight passengers suffered minor to non-life threatening injuries, according to the New York City Fire Department. The passengers and the driver were taken to hospitals for treatment.

A police spokesperson says the BX-35 bus driver was "unable to navigate the roadway and went off the road", NBC New York reported.

New York City council member Mark D Levine said emergency services had sealed off the area in response to the incident.


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