Order a resume for a successful job

Why do I need help with my resume?

The help of specialists will help present your skills in the best possible light. There are no secrets in writing a resume, but the average job seeker usually does not know all the nuances of writing a quality document, and designers of template resumes in today’s realities are not very good helpers. There is a lot of competition in the labor market today. It is those candidates, whose resume will attract the employer, apply for the coveted position.

How to order a resume?

To order a resume, you can submit an application at resumegets.com. In the details of the order you can simply write, for example: Please write a resume in the desired language.

Usually it takes 2 to 3 days for writing resume after interview with agency specialist and sending necessary written information by client. The period of writing can be increased in a situation with a long wait for a client’s response. There are no other exceptions (when there are no force majeure) for the delay.

How is a resume made to order?

All work is done remotely online. The best resume services Resumegets.com work with residents of all cities and countries.

Order of work:

  • After ordering your resume, you make a payment on the website.
  • We contact you to confirm receipt of payment. One of our specialists is assigned to you.
  • Then you and an employee agree on the date and time of the interview. Its average duration is an hour and a half.
  • On the basis of the information received from you (during the interview and in written form) our specialist will make a preliminary version of the resume. It will reflect everything you told during the preparation and discussed with the specialist: achievements, skills, professional experience, education, training courses, preferably programs in which you are well versed, and any information necessary for a modern resume.
  • A draft resume is coordinated with you, edits are made (if necessary). During the approval process, the content of the resume is discussed and, if necessary, changed. Here you can edit everything you’re not satisfied with: fix semantic errors (if any), add new information. It happens that some applicants even want to put in more personal information, such as their hobbies, or other things that are not typical for a modern resume. We always tell you what to do better.
  • Resumes are finally formatted and proofread by an editor.

All resumes are customized. We do not use ready-made universal resume samples and templates.