People are convinced Kourtney Kardashian is a time traveller after eerie pic ‘of reality star from 1912’ emerges | The Sun

THE fans are convinced Kourtney Kardashian is a time traveller after an eerie 1912 photograph of her lookalike emerges.

It seems the reality star may have had a doppelganger in olden days after a TikTok user posted a century-old photo.

A picture from 1912 shows a woman who uncannily looks like the American socialite.

Karina Nuvo, a Cuban singer who posted the video, couldn't believe her eyes when she stumbled upon her discovery while grabbing food at her local supermarket.

She captioned the TikTok: "Was Kourtney Kardashion alive in 1912?"

And the video went viral, accumulating 3.3 million views on the social media platform and sending the fans into frenzy.

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"I went to grocery outlet yesterday to get some soup because I’ve been sick for three days," Nuvo wrote in the post.

“And I see a picture of a school house from 1912 and the teacher looked like Kourtney Kardashian so I thought that was funny."

In an old photograph, a woman, dressed in an Edwardian Era outfit complete with ruffled blouse and full skirt, looks eerily similar to Kourtney.

But the snap was taken some 67 years before the birth of the reality star.

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TikTok users agreed that the woman in the photo resembles Kourtney, expressing their shock in the comments.

One user wrote: " My jaw fell straight to the floor."

Another joked about the ageless Kardashian clan, saying: "I knew it, I knew they were vampires."

One TikToker also said: North [West] did say Kim [Kardashian] was over 100 years old then retracted lmao," referring to the snide remark North made about her mother.

Meanwhile another commenter spotted a lookalike of Kourtney's daughter, Penelope Disick, in the same picture.

The little girl in the classroom yearbook photograph that appeared in the video for just a second caught the fan's attention.

They commented: " There is a little girl that resembles Penelope too."

Kourtney isn't the first celebrity to be tangled up in time travelling rumours.

In another viral video, Taylor Swift fans believed she's proven time travel is real when they "spotted her" in an ad filmed eight years before she was born.

Ryan Reynolds also sparked rumours he is from another era when Wrexham fans saw his doppelganger in a 1878 team photo.

Most famously, Greta Thunberg's double that looked exactly like the environmental campaigner created theories that she's come to warn the world about the future.

And the list of celebrity time-travellers is only growing.

Johnny Depp, Benedict Cumberbatch and Brad Pitt among many others have been spotted in old photographs, convincing fans they have made a mystery trip from history.

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