People going crazy for 'Pink Stuff' that they say makes 'old pans look new – and it's less than $10

PEOPLE are going crazy for "Pink Stuff" that they say makes "old pans look new" – and it costs less than $10.

Before-and-after video shows a pan covered in black grime being scrubbed shiny and silver after using the product.

TikTok user "Mrs. Roebuck" – who uses the handle @the_roebuck_life – showed the trick product she claims can make "old pans new."

In the start of the clip, Roebuck scooped pink goop out of a jar with a stainless steel scrubber.

She then rubbed it in circles all across the bottom of the pan.

In a next shot, she rinsed off the bottom of the pan after the product sudsed up.

Upon putting the pan under running water, it was shiny and silver – and all the black residue was washed away.

Users were shocked at the result of how the pan came shiny and clean.

One user commented: "omg why don't I know about this."

Another user said it was "so satisfying."

One person called it "sorcery."

"Need to know what product this is," one person said.

Roebuck tagged the video with "#pinkstuff" – and multiple users commented that the product is simply named "Pink Stuff."

The Pink Stuff is available for less than $10 on Amazon.

It has a 4.4-star rating, with over 24,000 reviews.

Users also sung their praises for the cleaning helper on Amazon.

"This is the best cleaning product ever. It didn’t take me much time doing it and left my oven like new!" one person wrote.

Another said: "I got it yesterday and cleaned my sink today. I have never seen it so clean! It removed the lime scale with a regular wash cloth and a little scrubbing."

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