Police car screeches to halt to avoid herd cows at 90mph

Emergency moo-neouvre! Police car screeches to halt to avoid cows at 90mph after herd strays into the road

  • South Yorkshire Police officers were met by herd of cows while on an urgent call 
  • Sheffield officers narrowly avoided cows who spread themselves across road 
  • Force encouraged people to remember to close their gates to avoid this situation

Police officers were forced to make an emergency stop while driving at 90mph after discovering cows were blocking the road. 

Traffic officers in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, were speeding on the A57 on their way to an urgent call during the night and just managed to stop in time to miss the cows which had spread themselves across the road. 

Incredible dashcam footage shows the car speeding with blue flashing lights on Sunday night before it comes to dramatic halt.   

South Yorkshire Police officers were given a scare while they were driving to an urgent call at 90mph in Sheffield and came across a herd of cows which had taken over the road

In the clip the cows appear unfazed by the police car which narrowly avoids hitting them, remaining spread across the road before slowly moving out of the way.  

South Yorkshire Police put out a warning urging Brits to remember to close gates and keep livestock safe.

The force said: ‘We’re not mooooooovie producers but the footage has a really important message… please keep your livestock secure and safe!

‘Last night one of our traffic officers was on his way to support our district officers with a fail to stop when he luckily was able to stop before hitting six loose cows in the road.

‘The outcome could have been very different for our officer and the cows if he had not been able to stop and react so quickly.

‘Please remember to shut all gates to your animals when leaving, ensure hedges and fencing is in good condition, secure gates with locks and use cattle grids where possible.’

People took to the comments to share their best jokes about the police’s near miss with the cows.  

 The police car narrowly avoided the cows but the animals seemed to be unfazed by their near miss

After the video was shared on the South Yorkshire Police Facebook page, people quickly took to the comments to share their best cow-related puns

Michael Naughton said: ‘Top driving, that was a udderly dangerous situation with high steaks. With some heifer braking.

‘Have a word with the farmer don’t let him give you any beef but I’m sure you have heard it all before. But don’t milk the situation.’

Lewis Redfearn added: ‘Give the driver a ‘pat’ on the back.’

Neil McManus commented: ‘Should have used your ‘horns’ on the udder hand you seem to have beefed up brakes. Could have ended up mince meat.’

Ken Quinn added: ‘So you weren’t off to a ‘steak’ out then?’

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