Revellers shake off miserable weather to start 2023 with a bang

It’s not raining on their new year parade! Revellers shake off miserable weather to enjoy their night on the town and start 2023 with a bang

  • Hundreds of revellers across Leeds gather to celebrate New Year’s Eve
  • This is the first time the city can celebrate freely since the pandemic 
  • They braved the cold and dressed to impress to welcome 2023
  • The city has put on events to show locals and tourists what they can offer

The New Year’s Eve celebrations have already begun for revellers out in Leeds as people headed out and brave the miserable weather.

Many were dressed to impress as hundreds went out for the night of New Year’s eve. 

The partygoers braved the cold and the rain in Leeds as they hit the city’s bars and clubs. 

More festivities will take place throughout the evening across the country as millions mark the start of 2023. 

Two women looking stylish in green and black dresses as two other men join in the picture posing in jeans and a nice top

Two women dressed in black, one with blonde hair and the other with brown hair, enjoying their night out in  Leeds together

Leeds will celebrate the turn of the year, in rather miserable weather unfortunately, with an array of events and activities set out across the city. 

It is the first time since the pandemic the locals have been able to join one another and raise a glass together in the city centre. 

Traditionally celebrations can last long into the night as people stay up to watch the fireworks and to celebrate the new year 

This is also the first time they will celebrate with fireworks and with no Covid restrictions since 2019. 

Two women and two men enjoying their New Years Eve celebrations. One man dressed in a Givenchy top and the other styling a white jumper, as they smile into the New Year

Two women dressed to impress while desperately trying to keep their hair dry 

Four people dressed in all black trying out their latest dance moves

Two women dressed in all black, the other in a sparkly green jump suit

One girl desperately trying to keep dry in baggy black jeans, with a man who is wearing a black shirt

A group of revelers, all smiling getting ready to celebrate the New Year

Two women dressed in black and white as they get ready to toast to their NEw Year in Leeds city centre

Revelers joined hundreds across the northern city to show locals and tourists just what they can offer for a night out.

After being forced to close under last year’s lockdown restrictions, many bars and clubs in Leeds looked jam packed with revellers this evening. 

On one of the biggest nights out of the year men and women have made a great effort to look their best and have a night out to remember. 

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