Shocking moment pitbull-type dog mauls golden retriever

Shocking moment pitbull-type dog mauls golden retriever as owners desperately try to stop the 4st animal from attacking

This is the shocking moment a pitbull-type dog launched a vicious attack on a golden retriever as both owners could not stop the 4st animal pouncing again.

The horrifying footage starts with a man innocently walking his golden retriever on a lead past the front gates of someone’s home earlier this month.

When he gets to the middle of the gate’s opening, suddenly, a pitbull-style dog  charges in front of the man and his beloved dog. 

The golden retriever, which seems to be the same size if not bigger than the other dog, retreats behind its owner. 

The black dog launches another attack and the labrador runs around to the other side of his owner, who is desperately trying to hold onto the dog’s lead. 

The pitbull-type dog then leaps forward again and locks its jaw around the neck of the labrador as it tries to pull them onto the road. 

When the golden retriever owner gets to the middle of the gate’s opening, suddenly, a pitbull-style dog charges in front of the man and his beloved dog

The two men struggled to separate the two dogs for a nail-biting 40 seconds before the labrador was set free

The owner of the labrador, who is dressed in blue, tries to pull his dog free of the other dog’s vice-like grip. 

The apparent owner of the pitbull-style dog, who is dressed in black, then runs over and tries to pull his dog off the golden retriever. 

The man in black then gets on top of his dog and appears to try and pry his dog’s jaw open.  

The pair of men struggle on the ground to separate the dogs for a nail biting 40 seconds before the golden retriever is finally freed. 

Bull Watch, a group raising awareness about XL Bully attacks, posted the video clip on X, formerly Twitter, warned viewers this breed of dog has been bred to have a much bigger jaw structure.

They said: ‘This is the moment either a Staffy-cross or Pitbull attacks a Golden Retriever on a British street earlier this month. 

‘Notice how two grown men struggle to restrain it, how it goes for the throat and how its owner is powerless to keep it contained. 

‘This is from a dog which weighs maybe 25kg (4st) at the most. 

‘Breeds [like] this dog to have a much bigger jaw structure, add 20-40kg (3-6stn) in size and muscle and you’ll understand what makes XLs uniquely dangerous.’ 

The controversial XL Bully dog is considered to be a mix of various bull breeds, including the American Pit Bull Terrier which are banned in the UK.

The Government has issued a definition of an XL Bully dog which includes a minimum height of 20in at the shoulders. 

A complete ban on people owning XL bullies will then come into force on February 1, 2024, unless the owner applies before the end of January for an exemption

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XL Bullies have been the subject of ongoing controversy due to being involved in six fatal attacks on people so far this year. 

A ban on the dangerous dog-type will come into effect next year which will make it a criminal offence to own an XL Bully in England unless you have an exemption. 

The new legislation also stipulates that byu December 31, it will be illegal to have an XL Bully in public without a lead and a muzzle. 

More than 4,000 XL bully owners have applied for an exemption to the ban so far.

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