Shoplifter shoves a CROSSBOW down his pants and tries to leave a store

Baffling moment shoplifter shoves a CROSSBOW down his pants and tries to leave a store

  • Darren Durrant, 46, was dubbed the ‘world’s dumbest criminal’ by the Brevard County Sheriff after the Florida man shoved a crossbow down his pants 
  • He was observed on surveillance footage stealing the $1,300 crossbow on February 6 at True Value in Mims 
  • He was arrested two days later and taken to the Seminole County Jail, where he is currently in custody for eight ‘unrelated burglary charges’ 
  • He will face a felony charge of petit theft in Brevard County afterward and Durrant already has two other prior felony theft convictions 

What are you bow-ing?   

Darren Durrant, 46, of Florida, has been dubbed the ‘world’s dumbest criminal’ by Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey after he blatantly shoved a crossbow down his gray sweatpants and walked out of a True Value store on February 6 without paying. 

Durrant, who was using a crutch to walk, was seen on surveillance footage stealing a pair of cutting tools before making his way to the crossbow section, and clipping the zip ties off a Ravin R10 Crossbow, which costs around $1,300.  

In footage released by police, the 46-year-old can be seen walking down the aisle and setting his single crutch down. He throws a quick glance over his shoulder before going all in, shoving half the weapon down his pants and pulling his jacket tightly around the rest of it. 

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Darren Durrant, 46, was caught on surveillance footage shoving a $1,300 Ravin R10 Crossbow down his sweatpants in Florida on February 6 

Durrant was caught on surveillance footage shoving half the crossbow down his pants 

He concealed the rest of the weapon under his jacket as he nervously glanced behind him 

He made his getaway using a single crutch to hobble around the store, the crossbow clearly protruding from his pants

After the impressive feat, he is seen walking normally back over to the crutch then ‘limping’ away, with the bow heavily protruding from the front of his pants down to his left knee. 

‘Just when you think you have seen it all, this guy takes carrying a concealed weapon to a whole new level,’ Ivey wrote on Facebook. ‘He proves to all of us that you can actually stuff a crossbow down the front of your pants!!’ 

Believe it or not, the man made it out the door, despite the bad concealment. He was caught two days later in a parking lot by a nearby Walgreens, police reported, and fled on foot. 

The sheriff wrote: ‘Believe it or not, Durrant actually fled on foot when he observed Deputy Lindo, although, as you might imagine after seeing the video, he didn’t get very far!!” 

He was arrested on February 15 after the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office issued a felony petit theft charge. 

Durrant is currently in custody at Seminole County Jail on eight ‘unrelated burglary charges,’ but he will ‘face charges in Brevard County’ for the crossbow theft afterward. 

The sheriff’s office also said Durrant has two prior felony theft convictions. And according to Seminole County Jail records, Durrant is already in debt and has a bond of $8,000.  

‘You just can’t make this stuff up!!’ the sheriff wrote on Facebook. 

He stole the crossbow from True Value in Mims, Florida. He was arrested two days later and taken to the Seminole County Jail, where he faces eight ‘unrelated burglary charges.’ He will face his felony petit theft charge afterward 

Durrant will appear in court at 1.30pm on April 12 for the burglary charges. It is unknown when he will appear before a judge for the crossbow theft. 

Late last year, a Canadian man stole a Gibson 60th Anniversary ’59 Les Paul Standard electric guitar – which retails for around $8,000 – from Cosmo Music store in Richmond Hill outside Toronto also by shoving the instrument down his pants. 

Security footage shows a man, believed to be in his 20s and wearing a Toronto Maple Leafs hat, strumming a guitar on a stool in the store before shoving an instrument down his baggy, gray sweatpants in front of three other people. 

Sticking the neck down first, he can be seen on video putting the neck of the guitar down his pants and the body of the instrument under his black coat before calmly picking up a nearby acoustic guitar to fiddle with. He then fled the store with another man. 

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