Surprise pay rise and first at bar among life's small victories, survey says

FINDING money in your pocket, getting into fresh bedding, and getting an extra hour in bed are among life's little victories.

A new poll surveying 2,000 Brits found the top 50 list of wins – including receiving a surprise pay rise at work,being served first at a bar, getting to leave work early.

Other ‘punch the air’ moments are getting the washing in before it starts to rain and when two chocolates fall out of the vending machine when you only paid for one.

The study, carried out via OnePoll, found almost a quarter said hearing their favourite song on the radio was the highlight of their day, while 27 per cent agreed getting a surprise pay rise really boosted their mood.

Peter Bennett, for fair online casino and bingo site PlayOJO, who commissioned the research, said: “It’s interesting to see from the research that achieving even one little victory is enough to make anyone’s day better.

“As a brand we believe in being playful and celebrating life’s little wins, so it’s great to see people having a little dance and generally having fun to celebrate their little victories.”

Researchers found even getting a free cup of coffee, putting comfy clothes on at the end of the day and nailing the Sunday roast are considered wins.

More than half of those polled claim they feel happy (58 per cent), lucky (36 per cent) and accomplished (19 per cent) when experiencing a victory.

And almost seven in 10 adults went as far to say any small achievements are enough to motivate them for the rest of the day.

When nice things do happen, 38 per cent give themselves the time to savour the moment – 13 per cent of respondents admit to doing a little happy dance, a sure-fire way to ensure the rest of the day goes smoothly.

The study also found that 36 per cent have at least one or two little victories a week and 44 per cent are likely to share those successes with others.

Over half of respondents would tell their partner or spouse (53 per cent), while 35 per cent will share with friends.

While 79 per cent love to listen to other people's small successes, some are a little green-eyed, with 14 per cent admitting they feel a bit jealous.

Peter Bennett at PlayOJO continues: “Sharing these exciting moments with others can share the joy and help motivate friends and loved ones to seek or share their own victories."


1. Finding money in a pocket/handbag/down back of the sofa

2. Finding a fiver on the street

3. Getting into fresh bedding at the end of the day

4. Winning a little on the lottery/scratch cards

5. Arriving at a packed car park just as someone is leaving

6. Completing a to-do list

7. Getting in just as it starts raining

8. Completing a DIY task by yourself

9. Getting a surprise pay rise

10. Getting home on all green lights

11. Losing weight whilst eating whatever you wanted 

12. Completing a gardening task successfully

13. Getting a load of washing in just before it starts raining

14. Getting an extra hour in bed

15. When your favourite song comes on the radio

16. Putting comfy clothes on at the end of a busy day

17. When two chocolates fall out of the vending machine when you paid for one

18. Getting to leave work early

19. Parallel parking on a first attempt

20. Remembering to cancel a subscription before the free trial ends 

21. Wrapping the very last Christmas present

22. Getting a free cup of coffee from your favourite coffee shop

23. Finding a forgotten stash of chocolate

24. Having the exact amount of change to pay for something

25. Having an umbrella in your bag when it starts raining

26. Finding snacks you'd forgot about in the cupboard

27. Bad weather at home when you go on holiday

28. Waking up on a ‘good hair day’

29. Waitress leaving something off the bill

30. Nailing the Sunday roast

31. Waking up late and realising its your day off

32. Getting served first at the bar

33. Dropping a glass without it smashing

34. The train/tube doors opening right in front of you

35. Putting exactly £10 of petrol in the car

36. Winning at the bingo

37. Getting all the shopping in from the car in one trip

38. Having a surprise date night with your partner

39. When you successfully poach an egg

40. Painting your nails without smudging

41. When your kids play happily together

42. Getting likes on your social media post

43. Finding out you’re better looking than your partner’s ex

44. When your child sleeps through the night

45. When the baby’s nap times perfectly coincide with things you want to do

46. Loading the dishwasher perfectly

47. Finishing a run on a rounded number e.g. 30 minutes

48. Getting THE shot on the first attempt for Instagram

49. Your in laws cancelling their visit 

50. Forgetting your wallet/purse but remembering you can pay via your phone

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