Tesco customer finds 'chicken foetus' in boiled egg as dad calls for product recall

A TESCO customer was horrified to find a 'chicken foetus' inside her boiled egg.

Sonia Boyd from Havant, Hampshire was boiling eggs for her husband's lunch when she spotted the alien-looking creature.

To make matters worse, Sonia and her husband had already eaten several of the other eggs in the 'contaminated box' before making their gross discovery.

Stunned by her find, she took the half-opened boiled egg to her dad, Kevin Wright, who lives just down the road.

Kevin, 63, immediately contacted Tesco customer service team and took a video of the inside of the dodgy egg.

Speaking to The Sun, he said: "It was disgusting, my daughter noticed a green tinge when she went to de-shell them.

"She peeled it open gingerly and there it was. 

"It's horrifying because they'd just eaten the rest of the box for breakfast. I told her to bring the bad egg over."

In the clip, Kevin carefully removes the shell from the egg and reveals the dark grey lump.

He pulled it out and brings it close to the camera, showing what he suspects was a foetus.


It was nestled in the egg white, beside a perfectly formed and normal-looking yolk.

Wanting to warn others to check their eggs for unwanted additional ingredients, Kevin said: "If you have bought eggs from Tesco, please check your dates and batch codes.

"Tesco should be recalling this product but I can't get through to them on the phone.

"These eggs were purchased from Tesco Extra, Havant on Sunday January 10."

The disturbing video divided viewers, with some finding the situation amusing, but others pointing out that eggs are natural and these things happen.

One person replied to Kevin's video saying: "Oh god I have a box with same dates, now I am scared to use them."

Another wrote sacastically: "Who would have thought it a foetus inside an egg?! I wonder about people sometimes."

It was disgusting, my daughter noticed a green tinge when she went to de-shell them.

But another person joked: "Bet it tastes like chicken", followed by a laughing emoji.

"Who came first, the chicken or the egg? This is no yolk, we have to take this seriously" wrote one Facebook user.

One user took it upon themselves to explain what Kevin was seeing: "Parthenogenesis is what your seeing here, there are no cocks with the laying hens that these come from so they’re all unfertilised.

"But hey, let’s all complain that that your chicken egg might have a baby chicken in it?

"So odd how people literally don’t want think where their food comes from and what comes with it."

The Sun has contacted Tesco for comment but has not had a response at the time of publication.


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