Trump leaves Mar-a-Lago to spend summer at his New Jersey golf club where he’ll plot potential 2024 return

DONALD Trump has reportedly left Mar-a-Lago to spend the summer in New Jersey as he plots whether to run for the White House in 2024.

The Republican is in the process of moving his political hub and fundraising base to the Bedminster golf club, exclusively reports.

This means he will be closer to wealthy financiers in New York ahead of the Hamptons summer season as speculation grows over whether he'll launch a bid to re-take the White House in 2024.

Last week, he stopped short of announcing his candidacy in an interview with conservative firebrand Candace Owens – although admitted that Trump supporters would be "very happy" with his decision.

Trump reportedly boarded a Cessna private plane from the Sunshine State as aides were spotted carrying several boxes onto the aircraft.

A source told that Trump was planning to leave on Mothers Day.

They said: "The main house will close till the fall and the Trumps will depart to spend the summer club in Bedminster."

It's not known if Melania or Barron joined the former president on the plane.

Florida Republican operative Larry Casey told the Daily Mail: "It's what he has done for 20 years – spend the winter in Florida and then go back north."

The ex-president’s departure comes despite the ruling that he had been given the thumbs up to live at his Mar-a-Lago estate full time as a “bona fide employee”

The ruling by a Palm Beach attorney comes after the former president's Florida neighbors frantically tried to stop it from becoming his permanent residence by launching a legal battle.

Their efforts were in vain as Town Attorney John Randolph concluded that the 1993 agreement – which saw him transform the private residence into a club – does not specifically stop Trump from living there.

Randolph pointed out that under the town's zoning code, private clubs are permitted to provide living quarters for a "bona fide employee", reports Palm Beach Daily News.

Trump's attorney John B Marion said that Trump's duties include "overseeing the property, suggesting improvements to the club's operations, reviewing the club's financials, attending events and greeting guests".

The ex-president has been living at the estate since he left the White House on January 20 – but is expected to Trump National Golf Club in New Jersey for the summer.

Trump had been given the cold shoulder from his neighbours at the luxury estate who claimed he was breaking the rules by how long he was staying.

A letter was sent by an attorney for the DeMoss family to authorities in Palm Beach and the US Secret Service, stating Trump had lost his legal right to permanently live there due to a 1993 agreement.

The 118 room mansion was built in the 1920s and purchased by Trump for $7million in 1985.

He converted the home into a private club ten years later, during a period of financial problems. The club brought in $21.4million in revenue in 2019.

The premises are a favourite amongst Wall Street financiers, real estate developers, and other wealthy members.

The club requires a $200,000 initiation fee, on top of an annual membership fee of $14,000 and an annual food minimum of $2,000.

It remained a favorite spot of the president during his term in office as he traveled there at least 30 times, spending at least 130 days there – technically breaking the 1993 agreement.

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