VIDEO: Dublin cyclist smashes headfirst into a parked car

Instant CAR-ma! Foul-mouthed cyclist smashes into parked vehicle after turning round to yell at van driver

  • The incident was filmed in the Dublin Industrial Estate in Glasnevin, Dublin 
  • The cyclist turned around to shout abuse at the driver of a van following him
  • After impact, the cyclist pirouettes through the air before hitting the ground 

This is the moment a cyclist crashed into a parked car moments after shouting abuse at the van driver behind him. 

The cyclist was so busy looking over his shoulder during the foul-mouthed tirade on a Dublin industrial estate that he failed to spot a bend in the road.

However, a split-second later, the cyclist crashed into the side of the parked Nissan. 

The footage, which has been shared widely on the internet, shows the man shout ‘f*** ye b******* ye, get out’, before shooting head-first over the handlebars of his bicycle. 

The man turns around to abuse the van driver calling him a ‘b*****’ while riding into danger on the industrial estate in Glasnevin, Dublin

The cyclist performed a pirouette before falling heavily on the concrete roadway 

The footage was posted online yesterday and many viewers suggested the cyclist got ‘instant karma’ for his aggressive nature.  

The man, who was riding in the middle of the road of the Dublin Industrial Estate in Glasnevin, Dublin, was refusing to let the van get past and became quite aggressive. 

Instead of watching the road in front of him, he turned around to shout abuse and wave his bike lock at the van driver. 

Unfortunately for the cyclist, he was completely unaware that the road had a slight bend to the left and he was rapidly heading for a Nissan Qashqai that was parked on a grass verge. 

After hitting the car, he pirouetted in the air before landing heavily on the concrete roadway.  

The roads inside the industrial estate are quite wide to allow heavy goods vehicles access to the units. 

People on social media showed very little sympathy to the cyclist, with one describing the incident as the ‘Tour de Farce’. 

A second wondered whether the car was okay.  

Another claimed they could see it coming, adding that ‘if he was looking the right way, so could he’. 

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