What is the meaning of 'whoop that trick'?

HE hijacked the Memphis Grizzlies' motto ahead of their showdown against the Golden State Warriors.

But Stephen Curry's taunt to "whoop that trick" didn't do his team any good, as they suffered a devastating loss.

What is the meaning of 'whoop that trick'?

The rapper who wrote and released the song in 2005 says the song – which the motto is based off – represents the underdog.

Al Kapone said: “We are the underdogs, we’re always looked at as the underdogs, we’re David always going against Goliath, that song represents the underdog fight and we’re definitely here to be victorious.

“It’s mind-blowing how ‘Whoop That Trick’ turned into this will-to-win motivation."

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Where does 'whoop that trick' come from?

The phrase 'whoop that trick' comes from the song by Memphis-born Kapone.

Whoop that Trick appeared in the movie Hustle & Flow and was sung by Terrence Howard in the film.

Why do Memphis Grizzlies chant 'whoop that trick'?

Ten years ago, the Los Angeles Clippers knocked the Grizzles out of the 2012 NBA Playoffs.

The following year, Memphis fans adopted the phase 'whoop that tick' from the Oscar-winning film.

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It's believed the chant originally started as 'whoop that clip' aftershowdown between Zach Randolph and Blake Griffin.

But that version could only be chanted when Memphis played the Clippers.

The chant evolved into the broader 'whoop that trick' – much to the delight of the song's original creator.

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