You barkin' at me? Dopey dog snarls at own REFLECTION in mirror

You barkin’ at me? Dopey dog snarls at suspicious character… clueless he’s staring at own REFLECTION in mirror

  • Owner films Golden Retriever flashing his teeth at his own reflection in mirror
  • Pooch is caught off guard by ‘other dog’ at home in Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Social media users compared the dog to Robert De Niro in The Taxi Driver film

An owner has shared the hilarious moment her Golden Retriever catches sight of himself in the mirror, giving his reflection a menacing snarl.

The pooch appears to have been caught off guard by the ‘other dog’ and puts on his fiercest facial expression as his owner can be heard giggling in the background, at their home in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Staring intently into the mirror the dog seems to breaks character and cracks a smile for several seconds when he hears his owner’s laugh – before quickly flashing his teeth again.

The dog’s owner, who caught the moment on camera yesterday, said: ‘I was sitting in my room with my dog when I noticed him staring at the mirror.

‘I first thought he was looking at me through the mirror, then I realized he was looking at himself and started making faces at himself which is when I took the video.’   

The video was posted to social media where some compared the comical clip to a scene of Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver, as if the dog is saying to himself “You talking to me, I don’t see anyone else around here, you talking to me”.

Straight faced to begin with, the dog then attempts to put on his fiercest expression as his owner watches at their home in Johannesburg, South Africa, yesterday

The dog then flashes his teeth at the ‘other dog’ in the mirror. Golden Retrievers are mostly known for their loving and friendly nature

Another social media user suggested that the dog was in fact ‘practicing his scary face for the next time you try to take him to the vet’.

Golden Retrievers are often known for their loving and friendly nature, leading one social media user to write: ‘It’s so weird seeing a Golden making a mean face, the two things just don’t go together in my brain.’

Whilst another user wrote: ‘Plot twist: he’s checking if he has cavities.’

When the dog hears his owner laughing he appears to crack a smile, despite his previously ferocious faces

Recognising your reflection in a looking glass is one of the primary tests of animal intelligence. 

Most animals respond to seeing their own reflection with aggressive behaviour, but a small number of species – such as certain primates – can display human-like recognition. 

Two-thirds of human babies can do it by the time they are 18 months old, as can chimpanzees and elephants, but not dogs, cats or some seemingly clever monkeys and parrots. 

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