You have the eyes of a hunter if you can spot the odd one out among about the Lionesses in under 10 seconds | The Sun

THIS optical illusion honouring England's iconic Lionesses has left football fans completely stumped.

A picture released by online casino Casumo depicts 43 cats with different coloured body parts, football shirts, and headbands.

The challenge is to spot the odd Lioness out.

Of all the cats in the image, only one has a completely unique colour combination.

It takes the average person five minutes to find it. Can you beat the clock?

The optical illusion does well to confuse the mind with the incorporation of props including footballs and shoes.

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Each of the cats seem quite similar to each other as they are all white, blue, red, and yellow.

Just one of the cats has a tail and body that doesn't match any other.

The women's football team's colours are white and blue – their kit usually comprising a white shirt and dark blue shorts.

But the players wore their light blue kit with white socks when they went up against Spain in the Women's World Cup final in August because their standard kit was too similar to their rival's.

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The Lionesses wore their white kit when they were victorious in the 2022 Euros.

Have you found the only cat not in a pair? If not, you can check out the solution below, or keep reading.

The lone lioness can be found in the bottom right of the picture.

A closer look at the cat will reveal it is unlike the others with a yellow tail and yellow legs, a red head, a blue headband, and red shirt.

How did you go?

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