XinFin’s XDC Now Available Through Exchange

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The evergrowing XinFin’s XDC token is now available through one of the most prominent and superintendent exchanges The exchange now incorporates XinFin and now XDC tokens could be traded through it.

In addition, the integration is made with a focus on interoperability. More so, XinFin aims to bridge the gap between existing legacy systems and blockchain with their blockchain consortium. Users can trade XDC with ETH, USDT, and BTC.

Quick Background on XinFin XDC

XinFin XDC now stands unique in the smart contract blockchain ecosystem. Moreover, it has been established and now reigns in the smart contracts blockchain owing to the massive features. However, these include more security attributes, versatility in its hybrid blockchain, and increasing fast performance.

All-in-all, XinFin XDC depends on the XinFin delegated-proof-of-stake (XDPoS), in which XinFin could achieve maximum performance with low power consumption. Even more, this XDPoS is power-backed by the XDC protocol directly. XinFin is the first-ever smart contract blockchain to utilize a proof-of-stake (PoS) agreement. XDC token is XinFin’s very own token through which the entire network works all its blockchain-related contracts. Exchange is one of the most prominent exchanges that focus on empowering users from all over the world to trade digital currencies easily and confidently. This platform is utilized by first-time traders to advanced traders. This platform works with high liquidity, 24/7 support, and dozens of crypto trade pairs. Added to this, the platform offers attractive features for trading any cryptocurrencies.  

More so, with a lot of attention from users the exchange offers many dedicated wallets. Notably, the current version of the exchange was relaunched in 2015. Also, this exchange charges only a minimal taker or maker fee charge.

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