20% of Currency.com Users Confident of Above $100,000 Bitcoin (BTC)


(Source: Currency.com)

Users like to Diversify their Portfolio

The majority of Currency.com users prefer to diversify digital assets, i.e., in addition to BTC they also like to keep several other altcoins in their portfolio. Exactly 1/3rd of the respondents like to invest only in BTC while 13.5 invest exclusively in ETH. Another 10.3 percent choose to hold only altcoins while 2.2 percent prefer DeFi tokens.

It is also worthy of note that over 68.4 percent of the users allocate up to 33 percent of their portfolio to digital assets while 11.1 percent of Currency.com clients hold up to half in cryptocurrencies and 20.6 percent more than half.

Finally, the survey also discovered that more than 2/3rd of Currency.com users have big ambitions, expecting themselves to be crypto millionaires in the future. On the flip side, 27.2 percent of the users consider themselves unable to achieve this goal while 1.9 percent of users noted they had already become millionaires.

For clarity purposes, the survey was conducted among 1572 Currency.com users from the end of February to the end of March 2021.

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