2024 Crypto Outlook: Ripple VP Predicts Institutional Adoption Boom


Fiona Murray, Managing Director of APAC at Ripple, has shared insightful predictions for the cryptocurrency landscape in 2024. Her projections, particularly focusing on the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, suggest a pivotal year ahead for institutional adoption and blockchain integration in financial services.

Murray, currently serving as the Managing Director at Ripple since November 2023, has been a key figure in the company’s expansion in the Asia-Pacific region. Based in Singapore, her journey with Ripple began in January 2020 as the Regional Vice President and Head of Sales for APAC. With over five years at Ripple, Murray has played a pivotal role in driving the company’s sales strategies and fostering the adoption of Ripple’s network across the APAC financial sector. Her tenure at Ripple is marked by a focus on delivering enhanced customer experiences and innovative liquidity solutions, leveraging her extensive background in FinTech sales and her prior experience as a Sales Executive at Oracle in London.

Institutional Crypto Adoption in APAC

Murray anticipates a substantial increase in institutional engagement with cryptocurrencies in 2024, especially in the APAC region. This surge is expected to encompass a broader adoption of cross-border payment solutions among companies, leveraging blockchain technology for more efficient and cost-effective transactions.

Blockchain Integration in Traditional Financial Services

Highlighting a growing trend, Murray notes that leading Web2 companies and traditional payment institutions are increasingly integrating blockchain technology into their services. Citing a survey, she mentions that nearly half of the finance leaders in the APAC region expect blockchain to significantly impact business operations within the next three years, indicating a shift towards more innovative, blockchain-driven financial solutions.

Regulatory Developments and Blockchain Innovation

Murray also expects more regulatory-led projects and pilot programs in APAC countries to foster blockchain innovation. She points to Singapore and Hong Kong as examples, having made significant strides in 2023 to position themselves as global crypto hubs. These developments suggest a proactive approach by APAC nations in embracing and regulating blockchain technology.

Other 2024 Crypto Predictions from Ripple

Murray’s predictions follow those made by Stuart Alderoty, Ripple’s Chief Legal Officer, three days earlier. Alderoty forecasted the end of the SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple in 2024, continued regulatory challenges from the SEC against industry leaders, and a potential Supreme Court showdown. He also predicted that while U.S. Congress might agree in principle on crypto regulation, disagreements on the approach would likely leave U.S. crypto firms in limbo, contrasting with positive developments in other parts of the world.

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