Moment 'disruptive' Ryanair passengers are 'led off plane by police'

Moment ‘disruptive’ Ryanair passengers are ‘led off plane by police’ after Morocco-bound flight was forced to U-turn and land at Stansted after ‘drug and verbal abuse’

A Ryanair flight bound for Morocco was forced to make a U-turn and fly back to Stansted after reports of a group of ‘disruptive passengers abusing staff and drugs’ onboard.

The plane was destined for Marrakesh but after an hour’s flight, it returned to the Essex airport after an where it was boarded by police.

Footage shows men being led off the flight but Essex police later said no arrests were made.

A passenger on the flight said that other passengers were left distressed by the incident.

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The plane was landed back in Essex and was boarded by police who carried out a search of the plane

No arrests were made and no drugs were found onboard. A witness said other passengers were left ‘distressed’ because of the incident

The 25-year-old, who didn’t want to give their name, said: ‘It was very chaotic. Everyone was freaking out and wondering what was going on. One guy was doing the brace position when we landed.

‘We found out the plane was turning around back to Stansted about an hour into the flight. When we finally landed about four armed police came on board.’

An Essex Police spokesman said: ‘Officers at Stansted Airport assisted after a plane was returned to the airport at around 4:15pm on December 7. This was following reports of drug use and verbal abuse on board.

‘Once the aircraft landed, officers conducted searches and no drugs were located. No arrests were made. The matter is now being managed by the airline.’

Footage shows men being led off the flight following reports that a group of passengers were ‘abusing staff and drugs’

The plane, destined for Marrakesh, made a U-turn around an hour into the flight and flew back to Stansted

A Ryanair spokesman said: ‘This flight from Stansted to Marrakesh (Dec 7) returned to Stansted Airport shortly after take-off when a small group of passengers became disruptive in flight.

‘The crew called ahead for police assistance and the aircraft was met by local police upon arrival at Stansted Airport. This now a matter for local police.

‘To minimise disruption to passengers, Ryanair transferred passengers on to an alternative aircraft which departed for Marrakesh later that evening.

‘Ryanair apologises for any inconvenience caused to passengers as a result of these disruptive passengers.’

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