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Blockchain researcher Collin Brown has decoded a 20X surge path for Ripple’s native token, XRP, which may boom amid speculation about Ripple’s potential Initial Public Offering (IPO). September 28 is a pivotal date, with experts predicting a potential XRP price surge if the IPO materializes. IPO or Settlement: what will Ripple pick first? As both have their consequences on the XRP prices. Let’s analyze how IPO can be a game-changer for Ripple investors. 

XRP’s Next Big Move Will IPO, Says Analyst

Prominent figures like Collin Brown and analysts like KALEO and EGRAG CRYPTO have informed about XRP’s future if an IPO is announced. KALEO specifically sees Ripple’s legal win over the US SEC as a potential catalyst for a bullish trend in XRP.

It’s worth noting that earlier this year, XRP experienced a substantial price surge of over 70% following a favorable ruling for Ripple in a US court case. This indicates the significant impact legal outcomes can have on XRP’s value. 

However, a respected Wall Street figure, Linda Jones, says that buying Ripple stocks at around $40 before the IPO could be a savvy move. Jones digs Ripple’s intrinsic value, which is around $6.6 billion. She believes that Ripple has the power and money compared with Coinbase, which entered the public market with a valuation of $86 billion.

While the IPO smoke has already reached the crypto market, the XRP community is waiting with bated breath for this event anytime soon. However, the company has not denied such claims.  So don’t expect it in the “Ripple Party” on Sep 28, as SEC may mess up things later. 

Ripple’s IPO Delay Is a Stategic Move? 

Based on the recent dialogue with the SEC, Ripple Labs, led by CEO Brad Garlinghouse, is considering going public through an IPO following their recent legal resolution with the SEC. Do we see it as a Settlement hint? As this is the only way to end this ongoing hue and cry. This move aims to establish XRP as a bridge currency for international transfers, a goal gaining traction in the crypto industry’s adoption of digital assets for cross-border payments.

XRP Needs an IPO Pump 

Ripple’s potential IPO could have a substantial impact on XRP’s price. An IPO’s added attention and credibility will boost adoption, channeling long-term growth. Moreover, the capital infusion from an IPO could be pivotal for Ripple’s global expansion efforts. This move signifies the maturation and recognition of blockchain and digital assets in traditional financial markets.

While XRP currently trades at around $0.51, anticipating the IPO could lead to a surge, potentially pushing XRP to new record highs. This dynamic adds an intriguing aspect to Ripple’s IPO considerations. So, new XRP investors should keep an eye on this major announcement.

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