1Market Launches SMART – Partner Social Media Sponsorship Programme

Global broker 1Market announces the launch of the revolutionary SMART program, a fully dedicated program to improve and enhance their partners’ Social Media presence, powered by ParagonEX Partners.

The plan, dubbed SMART for Social Media Advancement and Refinement Training aims to assist and improve the Social Media operations of the broker’s partners by offering training, advice, creative services and more, all from a multilingual, dedicated team of professionals and Social Media experts.

Nicholas Matthews, company spokesman, said on behalf of 1Market – “As we increase our IB offering and volume, it was clear to us that Social Media can play a key part in the lifecycle of a successful IB, be it a small one-man show or a large educational platform. We also understood that Social Media is not simple to operate well, and experience, advice and wealth of material are crucial in the day-to-day maintenance of these platforms. As we see our partners as an integral part of our business, we felt it was logical to share with them our experience and assist them in developing their own strong presence”.

SMART aims not to provide content to participating partners, but to teach and train them in the best, most efficient way to use social media to their advantage in a range of platforms.

From YouTube videos to LinkedIn articles and everything in between, SMART graduates will spearhead financial social media offering in the very near future. 

About 1Market

1Market is a brokerage firm established in 2016 by a group of financial industry professionals and technology experts, whose primary goal has always been to empower traders of all levels of experience to take advantage of the diverse opportunities available across the world’s financial markets.

Set on the path to making trading and investing more inclusive,  the company provides seamless access to a suite of desktop and web-based platforms, all of which are packed with innovative features and tools, ranging from advanced charting tools to intuitive layouts and its staple 1nsight sentiment analysis feature, suitable for both novice and seasoned traders.

This array of advanced technology solutions combined with superior customer service 24/5 makes 1Market the broker of choice for traders internationally.

For more information, please visit www.1market.com/.

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