Why You Must Boost Your Real-Time Personalization and Automation Processes

Personalizing and automating every customer engagement is a must for every trading company – It has been repeatedly proved in numerous research and articles.

The demand actually comes much like a grassroot movement – from the traders themselves, as they expect a certain level of experience.

To deliver personalization and automation, brokers and trading companies must use historical data, as well as current behaviour in absolute real time – meaning, not a few hours or days later, but rather respond in a matter of seconds.

But how could it be done? A data-driven marketing automation platform is essential in creating a contextual, relevant and positive experience for the customers, drive conversion rates, increase the average LTV and reduce churn.

Which capabilities assist Trading companies in increasing conversions?

In order to reduce acquisition costs, grow customer base and increase revenues, brokers must maximize conversion rate. To do that, brokers need to utilize a platform that would be able to create data-driven personal customer journeys, promotions, and campaigns.

Such a platform will generate a personal experience for leads, to increase chances of converting them into paying customers.

Solitics’ technology changes the way companies communicate with their customers and enables easy integration with all data sources, in under 30 days, at a fraction of the cost. Solitics utilizes data and enables brokers to react in real-time to any trader.

For example, raising a pop-up message with timing and content determined automatically based on the relevant data and user actions. Such data could include the traffic source, the stage at which the lead stopped responding, a certain click anywhere on a page, or any other relevant data.

For instance, if the lead does make a deposit within 3 minutes, the broker can automatically raise an effective pop-up message on the mobile or a web page. Pop up messages have the highest engagement rate, usually over 95%.

Using the most relevant, contextual message, such as a start incentive, educational proposition, or suggest help, pop-ups can have a dramatic effect on moving leads to the next stage.

If the deposit is still not completed within the next hour or so, the broker can also follow up with an SMS or a push message as a reminder of the offer. The important part is the contextual message, delivered at the right time and on the most effective channel.

Seeing the process through

If still not converted, the message could be then followed up with an email the next day. At any given point in the journey, should the lead return to the site or even a certain page, the system will adapt and respond accordingly, encouraging the lead to complete the deposit, while at the same time updating the customer records in the CRM, notifying the sales representative, as needed.

Once the lead has converted, they will be automatically moved to the next segment and a new journey will start for them. This will happen while maintaining various rules and conditions of communication policies, based on the data in real-time.

Regulation and compliance capabilities

Solitics can also automate and increase the completion rates of the KYC processes. Based on each trader’s KYC status, the broker can automatically remind the traders to send relevant documentation via multiple channels (live pop-ups, email or SMS). This mechanism accelerates the registration process.

Handling Margin calls is another operations-heavy process for any broker. The calculation and issuance of margin calls depends on the collection of data and easy communication.

Solitics can help trading companies automate all aspects of their margin call process, to significantly reduce operational efforts and increase effectiveness. To learn more, please visit solitics.com.

Want to see the system in action? Set time to see a demo.

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