5 Ambitious NFT Releases Of 2021

The NFT market and trade volumes have grown so much, especially over the last year,  that only the lazy do not speak about it. Particularly the trade volume already surged $10B, and many experts state – the frenzy around NFT is just beginning.

Over the past year, the most incredible sales of NFT have been done. For example, Stephen Curry bought Bored Ape for $ 206,000, and someone shelled out a whopping $ 24 million(!!!) for the 101 NFT collection. And this does not seem to be the limit.

In the wake of a new wave of growth in NFT, let’s look at fresh NFT projects, which, according to experts, are ambitious enough to disrupt the NFT market.


While some NFT enthusiasts collect NFT art, a new NFT project BitColors offers the community to own and trade 1,000 unique handcrafted colors and color shades as NFT tokens. As with CryptoPunks, early adopters can experience significant ROI. “Forget NFT avatars, owning and trading NFT colors could be the next NFT trend at OpenSea, Rarible and Foundation”,- state the BitColors creators.


When the dragons and the NFT team up, expect something really hot. The full-fledged breedable and collectible dragon Metaverse with the first blockchain DNA, earning and the blockchain-run fighting Arena is a reality. The CryptoDragons Metaverse will release 10K limited Eggs with NFT dragons inside. After minting and hatching them the Metaverse will emerge, letting those lucky ones who own the Legendary type earn 50% of the platform’s breeding earnings.

NFT dragon holders will be able to breed, sell, rent, or even fight their NFTs to earn on either the platform’s or secondary marketplaces. CryptoDragons are generated out of 12,000 attributes, 25 genes with 16 variations of each gene and 30 color shades of each variation. “CryptoDragons is a genuine cutting-edge technology and the original digital art”,- Nari,  CryptoDragons CEO and co-founder says.


Created by two 3D artist friends, MekaVerse is a collection of 8,888 generative Mekas inspired by the Japanese Mecha universe. The project has already made a lot of hype among NFT lovers, and the creators of the project plan to create 3D-printed toys, clothes, films with NFT characters, and collaborations with famous artists.

Sneaky Vampires Syndicate

Sneaky Vampire Syndicate was one of September hits on OpenSea. Drawn by the artist who worked on the iconic Bored Ape Yacht Club collection of monkeys, Sneaky Vampires Syndicate yields only CryptoPunks in terms of total trades. The platform is a collection of 8888 vampires that possess hundreds of attributes of varying degrees of rarity.

Their combination determines the rarity of an individual NFT. The developers promise to soon launch a game that only token holders can play. There are also plans to give away bats, a project in the metaverse, and the release of the second generation of female vampires.


Claylings is another noteworthy project that, according to NFT experts, is very promising. The goal of the Claylings project is to move clay animation to the blockchain and launch 4040 characters there. The creators of Claylings intend to create a short film with the participation of clay characters.

Final thoughts

Judging by the crazy leaps of the NFT market, the buzz around the industry is just beginning. Sales have already reached $ 10B in the third quarter of the year, and experts say this growth will continue. The main NFT enthusiasts in 2021 were artists releasing new NFT collections. On the other hand, collectors are looking for a leading platform in the hope of getting rich quickly. However, despite the multitude of such projects, some of the NFT they offer can tend to zero, while others can skyrocket.

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