AI Security Token (AST) has completed its research and development and is now officially launched

The AST platform is a decentralized financial platform aiming at reshaping the entire financial system. It is a blockbuster that the after years of researching and developing, AST is now officially meeting the public.

AST was developed by blockchain pioneer since 2018, and supporting application was fresh written with latest technology on Oct, 2020. Comparing with the existing DeFi projects, the AST project puts forward the idea of unbounded finance and industrial integration on the basis of the existing digital finance. AST is aiming to create and become the world’s largest digital financial trading and value capture platform. Through utilizing the core position of finance in the digital economy and accessing global cutting-edge technologies such as big data, and artificial intelligence, it eliminates data flow barriers between major industries and incubates projects with unicorn potential.

The AST platform will solve the problems of data access, encrypted transmission, sharing, trusted transactions, storage, etc. by building a blockchain sharing network trusted by machines, so as to realize the safe chaining of global industrial data and assets, and attract more industrial individuals users to carry out data fusion and maximize the value of data.

The advantages of the AST platform are significant. The dual-chain (main chain and side chain) consensus mechanism is proposed by AST creatively, which not only satisfy the degree of decentralization of the system, but also greatly increase the TPS of the system ,so that it can maintain the speed of transactions and the stability of the system even facing extreme trading environments.

The AST platform also optimized the current regular DeFi AMM (automatic market maker) algorithm. The integration of AMM and order book not only greatly improves the user experience, but also further enhances the liquidity of digital currency assets.

On the basis of dual-chain consensus mechanism, the AST cross-chain technology is built, and the ASTnet oracle system is used to read real-time transaction data of major global exchanges in real time to realize the barrier-free circulation and exchange of digital currencies and legal currencies in major public chains.

As for the token, AST adopts the token issuance method of constant total amount and issue by stages. The total issuance is 100 million and the issuance price is 1.5 USD. The value can be obtained by holding currency, liquidity destruction incentives and promotion revenue. The token will first launch on Smart Crypto Exchange platform on 12 Jan, 2021.

With the above technical innovations, it’s certain that the AST platform will create a digital financial platform with borderless data circulation, open value sharing, and industry collaborative innovation, and thereby reshaping the digital financial system in essence and bringing new ideas to digital finance.


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