Binance Referral ID Code: U5NN83GH (30% Fee Discount Bonus)

The Binance Referral Code is: U5NN83GH. New Binance customers can sign up with the code to get the best Binance bonus.

Binance Referral Code Link:

What Is The Binance Referral ID Code?

The Binance Referral ID is a code you can enter into your Binance account, and it’ll award you discounted trading fees.


When it comes to crypto trading on Binance, any good user knows that it’s all about the trading fees they pay on their trades, as it can play a large role in making you a profitable trader.

There are too many users out there who waste money & rewards by giving up on cashback, which loses them coin on every transaction.

This is a common mistake that users make when they start trading, and the Binance Referral code provided above for accounts for this.

Instead of not using a code (thereby not getting a discount on your trading account), you can take the smarter route during registration and enter a Binance Referral ID into the page.

The referral link provided will instantly give new users 30% off trading fees on every transaction for the lifetime of their account, the very moment they join.

Binance Referral Kickback

30% is already a huge kickback rate, and the more you trade (the more volume you generate on spot trading or Binance futures), the more money you save.

Throughout the lifetime of your account, the commission kickback rate you get on every trading fee will start adding up to a massive amount of money.

So many users don’t do this when they join, since it’s not’s default setting, and they fail to earn a lot of free coin on the volume they create.

How To Register With The Binance Referral ID Code

These steps walk you through how to use the Binance referral code (ID) including a link to the registration page:

About Binance

Making a Binance account using the given Binance Referral ID code is a great idea, since Binance is currently the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange. Out of all of the exchanges out there, Binance is one of the best as we found in our review. You will also see many comments on review sites echoing this sentiment.

Binance Fee Discount

Thanks to the Binance Referral ID rate discount kickback, you get a free discount on all of the volume you generate on Binance – but there’s a lot more to love about this exchange than just low trading fees on the referral program.

Review of Binance

Binance currently processes over $2b in daily transaction volume and runs trades at a rate of over 1.4m transactions per second.

Throughout its history, Binance has cemented itself as a champion exchange in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, especially with the additions of Binance Coin (BNB) and the Binance Smart Chain.

Binance also offers 24/7 support that all users are entitled to when they sign up to trade.

Binance’s referral ID program is the cherry on top: not only are you awarded the trading fees discount thanks to the given code via the Binance referral ID program offering, but you also get to trade on a world-class exchange with hundreds of high-quality coin listings.

It truly is a win-win situation when it comes to creating a Binance account.

Binance Promotions

Binance is one of the few exchanges out there that continually rewards users, not only with a discount on their trading fees but in other fun and creative ways.

For example, Binance often hosts trading competitions, where winners can earn exciting prizes like lower commission rates, increased cashback, bonus crypto prizes, and more.

Here and here are links to previous Binance promotions, which will give you an idea of the sorts of prizes you can earn.

As you can see, the website shows you how can earn shares of massive trading pools, huge bonuses on your account, a big kickback, or even a cool NFT prize. Having a Binance account is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

Referral Program

Of course, the Binance referral codes system is one you can use as well since you can invite your own friends if they are into cryptocurrency too. Have them sign up using one of your Binance referral links, and they’ll get a trading fees discount.

If you refer people yourself, you will earn a commission on the fees Binance makes when your friends/referrals make trades on the website. The codes we provide have some of the best commission bonus rates for referrals, but making your own is a solid way to gain a little bit of cashback.

You can open up the Binance referral page to see your friends/Binance referrals, and you can watch the people you refer roll in (in real-time). It’s a good way to help support your friends and let them do the same.

Since Binance posts new promotions all the time, be sure to keep an eye on their website, and follow Binance’s social media links so you can stay up to date on the newest & biggest promotions.

A relevant social media link is Binance’s official Twitter, and you can even follow the founder of Binance, CZ,  on social media for market updates and Binance-related information.

Binance Trading Fees

Binance’s fee schedule varies from user to user, as it depends on the fees Binance makes from your crypto trades.

Like for all exchanges, people who trade a lot on their Binance account generate more commission for Binance and are hence allowed to pay a lower fee rate.

The default Binance trading fee starts at 0.1%, which is already pretty low. This is for people who have a 30d trading volume of under 50 BTC.

Your trading volume is simply the summation of the value of all of the trades you do on Binance. 0.1% is already a fairly low fee to pay on a cryptocurrency trade compared to many other exchanges.

However, Binance takes it to another level by providing fee discounts if you pay the fee using their native token, Binance Coin (BNB).

BNB is a cryptocurrency token created specifically for Binance users, and it lets you save 25% on all of your fees. Using Binance Coin is a great discount opportunity, so we would highly recommend that you purchase some BNB in order to take advantage of this discount that Binance provides on fees.

Here’s a link where you can learn more about BNB and what it does.

What really seals the deal is the Binance Referral ID via the referral code provided earlier in the article. By using that referral link, you can get an additional 30% discount on your fees, which results in an absolutely amazing discount overall.

If you use the referral link provided in combination with paying for Binance fees with BNB, the total fee bonus you get is massive, and you end up paying far lower in fees than a normal user. Again, not everyone by default takes advantage of the Binance Referral ID program, and not many know the power of combining this with the BNB fees discount.

For this reason, you should be sure to use the referral ID as well as pick up some BNB after you sign up.

Getting in both the referral ID and the BNB discount results in a whopping 55% discount in total!

All of that being said, Binance’s fees get lower still the more you trade. If you trade over 50 BTC in crypto within 30d and hold over 50 BNB in your Binance balance, your maker fee drops to 0.09%.

Trading over 500 BTC within the same period drops your maker fee to 0.08% (if you have a 200 BNB balance). Holding a 500 BNB balance on Binance and trading over 1500 BTC within the 30d period entitles you to a 0.07% maker fee.

You can view the full fee schedule via this link. Now, all of these figures are all quoted before we factor in the referral code, which brings in a whole new factor to the discount.

In fact, using our provided referral code and paying BNB can entitle you to a fee as low as 0.012% (for the maximum tier), which is a crazy low discount, even for the crypto space.

Binance Futures allow users to leverage trade, so the fee schedule is slightly different.  In order to reach the same VIP level on Binance Futures, you need 5 times the volume you’d need to hit the same level on the spot market, due to the high leverage provided.

You can use the exact same Binance Futures Referral code (U5NN83GH) and you’ll be awarded the same discount on your fees. The Binance Futures Referral code is the same as the spot referral code, so if you use it on your Binance account during sign-up, it will bridge across both markets.

Amazingly enough, using the futures referral code and using BNB to pay Binance fees takes trading to the next level, since after a certain VIP level, instead of having to pay Binance a fee to trade, you will instead be given maker fees for making trades, which is pretty sweet.

At the maximum level, you can get paid as much as 0.009% simply for making a trade on Binance.

Binance App & Referral Code

The Binance mobile app allows you to trade on the go. Through the app, you can not only access your cryptocurrency wallet and exchange platform on Binance at all times, but you can also get to Binance’s 24/7 support system.

Here’s a download link for all platforms, including Windows and macOS.

If you make a Binance account using our provided Binance Referral ID, the same discount will bridge over to your account on every device. This means no matter which platform or device you’re making trades on, as long as you have used the Binance Referral ID, you’ll get the discount.

We would highly recommend downloading the Binance app on all of your devices, signing up using the provided referral ID code, and purchasing a bit of the BNB crypto so that you can maximize your potential fee discount and kickback no matter where you are trading from.

The Binance support team is always on hand to help you with any comments or questions you might have about commission and the referral system in general including the Binance referral code ID and link to use.

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