BTC Bull Andrew Yang Creates the "Forward Party"

Andrew Yang has announced his departure from the Democrat Party. He is now creating an entirely new political party known as the “Forward Party” and it’s going to be a major push for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Andrew Yang: Once Again Putting Bitcoin at the Helm

Yang has often sought to make a name for himself in the worlds of politics and crypto. Many times, he has worked to place both these elements together. For example, in 2019, Yang announced a bid to run for President of the United States. He made heavy claims while serving as a Democratic candidate, a big one being that he was going to bring clearer regulation to the crypto spectrum.

Yang wasn’t the only one who was proposing clearer laws when it came to digital currency transactions and taxation. He was joined by the likes of Michael Bloomberg – a publishing mogul and the former mayor of New York City – who also stated that clearer crypto regulation was a huge necessity in America.

Sadly, Yang (and Bloomberg) failed to hit major notes with their audiences and before long, his campaign was suspended. Yang never did make it to the White House, so he eventually set his sights on serving as the new mayor of New York. He put up a heavy campaign against the likes of Bill DeBlasio and sought to ensure that NYC moved in a new direction.

This campaign also failed, and Yang was one of the first candidates to end things early. One can’t help but assume that Yang does not hold any serious ground with voters, and that any future attempts at a political seat would be ill-conceived, but the former entrepreneur is not taking defeat lightly. He’s now planning to lead politics towards a whole new light, and he’s putting bitcoin in the driver’s seat.

The Forward Party is being created as Yang looks upon America today. He sees rising inflation and monetary manipulation occurring within the country’s borders at the hands of a corrupt presidential administration led by “Sleepy Joe” and his cronies, and he’s looking to put a stop to this madness with a little help from the world’s primary form of digital currency.

In a recent interview, he stated:

I’m a big proponent of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies generally, and I want to allow fiat prices to go down as they should as things get more efficient instead of assuming the inflation model.

He Also Likes Ethereum

He followed up with additional comments about how bitcoin can potentially lead to a sturdier economic system. He was also very quick to offer praise for Ethereum, which is bitcoin’s primary competitor. He stated:

I think ETH [Ethereum] has some fascinating capacities. I know bitcoin is unique in its ability to provide a firm non-manipulable foundation.

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