Carbon Emissions—Our Biggest Threat

Shipit Pro is a new blockchain aimed at optimizing eCommerce shipping all over the world, changing the way the European Union engages with third world countries and other countries beyond; in every market, across every industry.

That’s a big undertaking—and Shipit Pro does so with simplicity. Want to know what’s even more impressive? Streamlining Carbon Taxes and Carbon emissions, which Shipit Pro does in an equally simple manner. Want to integrate cutting-edge artificial intelligence and cybersecurity hegemony into the equation? Done.

The truth is, Shipit Pro is an exercise in massive global optimization for shipping supply chains, the resources they use in which to execute said supply chains, and the sanctity of digital services used to optimize and expedite any and all services used for e-commerce.

In the end, Shipit Pro can reduce costs for the procurement of resources through expedited shipping supply chains by up to 80%.

Sounds like the future of e-commerce and the migration of products and goods globally, right?

Let’s take a little bit of a deeper look:

Right now, there are a number of challenges facing our world which could topple the stability of the global economy. Right at the top is global warming, a product of carbon emissions that lead to global pollution and the thinning of the ozone. Thus, the European Union is looking to adopt more stringent climate policies—which have caused businesses across the region to either find resources elsewhere, or incur increased costs to appeal to standards and regulations, fees from other carbon providers, and every entity involved in the procurement of goods.

Here’s where Shipit Pro makes all the difference. Shipit Pro’s platform can calculate the carbon emissions output for any shipment, even those moving across borders. This is unprecedented for e-commerce. From the manufacturer to the seller, and the end consumer, considering all carbon emissions, Shipit Pro helps find the best providers and routes for every single parcel. 

This level of increased oversight helps with compliance with the European Union’s new regulatory systems. Where one might think that this increased digital burden leaves companies and their supply chains open to cyber-attacks, Shipit Pro’s block chain helps protect any and all information used within the platform—while empowering every e-commerce seller to track original costs, origins and transactional data; which can be shared easily with authorities to streamline regulatory compliance protocols.

This has tremendous impacts and value for route optimization, functionality, transport providers, packaging, warehouse fulfillment, waste management, data collection, POS, and many others—but none are better served than those who own SHPP tokens. With your state of SHPP, you are getting behind fully tested and proven platform that will be able to minimize costs of procurement by 80%; a true revolution for e-commerce. 

Imagine the level of immense growth that will come from this kind of optimization—and what that will mean for owner value. Not only that, but by making your stake, you will be backing a blockchain appropriation that will benefit not only cybersecurity and carbon tax regulations, but combat carbon emissions and pollution as a whole.

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