Edward Snowden Itching To Buy The $BTC (Bitcoin) Dip For The First Time Since March 2020

“When most people say “this is not financial advice”, they’re lying, but this is actually not financial advice since I have zero financial education and no idea what I’m doing”. Snowden continues to disclose on his next tweet on the thread. 

Snowden has recently been very active on Crypto Twitter and has left other crypto Twitter accounts wondering whether he may have an anonymous alternative crypto Twitter account. 


Government Conflict of Interest on The FTX case

Snowden recently also spoke about the inaction of the US government against Sam Bankman Fried, who made significant donations to the political party, donating over $36B to Democrats on the most recent election.

“The White House sanctions and arrests kids for the “crime of building privacy tools to protect you” Snowden states. Snowden is speaking about the immediate arrest of the Tornado Cash Developer Alex Pertsey earlier this year. “While “regulators” were quietly palling around the thieves who just robbed 5 million people”.

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