Entourage’s Adrian Grenier talks NFTs, blockchain and environmental conservation on CoinGeek Backstage

The BSV Blockchain NFT Auction and Cocktail Party saw a variety of celebrities in attendance to celebrate the bold new world that Bitcoin SV is pioneering. One of them, Entourage star Adrian Grenier, joined CoinGeek Backstage on the sidelines of the party to talk NFTs, environmental conservation, social media toxicity and more.

Grenier, who has appeared in films such as Drive Me Crazy and The Devil Wears Prada, has been exploring blockchain technology for a while.

“I’m really intrigued just by the opportunity that blockchain, crypto has to actually give us more transparency and more access to the value that we create and exchange, so for me it’s the next frontier of capitalism,” he said.

Grenier had an NFT for sale at the BSV Blockchain NFT Auction, which as he explained is “an image of me holding a big sweet potato that I grew in my garden and a watermelon.” The image is symbolic of food freedom and nutrition independence, he explained.

The actor is also a Regional Goodwill Ambassador – North America for the UN Environment Programme. In this capacity, he has focused mainly on ‘hyper-local’ conservation efforts in Texas, where he is building a community that cultivates the land and grows local food.

He believes that blockchain technology can aid in his conservation efforts by “allowing people to exchange value hyper-locally. So it’s going to be less expensive and with more transparency, so we can keep the value that we create within the community.”

On the next big trend in environmental advancement, Grenier believes it’s the contribution of the individual.

The actor, who made his film debut in 1997, told CoinGeek Backstage, “Personal responsibility, in which we truly embody on an individual level our values, we practice them, we live them, and we manifest them in our lives. For me, it’s about doing personal inventory and recognizing how powerful you are to make a difference.”

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