Virtue Poker Blockchain Poker Platform on BSC in Addition to Ethereum

The gaming industry has seen a massive influx of users in the last year and a new poker app based on the blockchain, Virtue Poker at the heart of this popularity, by being the first ever poker app to become operable on multiple chains. 

Virtue Poker, based on the Ethereum blockchain, is now also on the Binance Smart Chain where it will start accepting deposits in BUSD (Binance dollar) and its own native VPP token.

Benefits of Gaming Over The Blockchain

There are major benefits to gaming over the blockchain, which include absolute privacy, anonymity, protection of data, and transactions verified over the blockchain, rather than through the casino, completely removing human intervention, plus the app themselves never retaining custody of users’ funds.

Virtue Poker takes provably fair gaming, one step further with their guarantees of unimpeachable deck shuffles.It does this by distributing shuffles across all players at the table, where each player’s own app shuffles the deck and then adds its own layers of encryption. Only then is the hand dealt with the players exchanging encryption keys so all players can see everyone else’s hands. The real kicker is that there is no one server that stores and manages the data so hackers would have to crack encryption on each player’s app at the table in order to access the data. This is where the blockchain;s underlying principles of decentralization come into play for apps like Virtue Poker.

Virtue Poker, which is regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority, is offering the first 100 players to deposit a minimum of 1000 VPP on the app, to get an instant credit bonus of 100 BNB tokens. They also hold regular tournaments and competitions where they disburse generous prizes, and ETH drops to account holders. Players will not pay any gas fees for depositing onto the app.

Virtue Poker is going from strength to strength and  their native VPP token is now listed on PancakeSwap and users can take part in rewards programs through both PancakeSwap and UniSwap.

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