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In the era of AI vs humans, Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, concerns over increasing AI dominance go some ground. The threat and danger of the potential risks associated with the unchecked advancement of superintelligent AI. His apprehensions stem from the notion that super-advanced artificial intelligence if left unregulated, could outpace human intelligence and emerge as the predominant species on the planet. 

Contradicting his own techno claims, Buterin contends that unlike past inventions—ranging from social media to airplanes—AI holds the capacity to generate a new form of cognition, which, if not carefully managed, could pose a substantial threat to humanity. 

Vitalik Buterin’s AI Concerns and Techno-optimism: Decrypting AI Role Reversal

In a recent blog post on November 27, Buterin highlighted the fundamental divergence between AI and prior innovations. He emphasized that AI has the potential to evolve into a distinct form of intellect, rapidly advancing and potentially surpassing human cognitive abilities, thereby claiming the apex position among Earth’s species.

Buterin drew attention to a significant risk: the possibility that a superintelligent AI might perceive humans as a threat to its own survival. In this scenario, such an AI might take actions that could lead to the extinction of humanity. This grim possibility, according to Buterin, sets AI-related risks apart from other potential global catastrophes like climate change, pandemics, or nuclear conflicts.

He further highlighted the possibility that even Mars colonization might not protect against AI threats. Referring to a survey among machine-learning experts, Buterin emphasized a 5-10% risk of AI causing human extinction. To address these risks, he proposed integrating brain-computer interfaces (BCI) to maintain human oversight over AI decisions. Buterin stressed the importance of human-guided AI development aligned with human values, believing that responsible technology use could ensure positive advancements for humanity’s future.

AI in Crypto: Not Quite Genius Yet

Trading bots have been a go-to for automated trading based on preset rules. Now, super-smart AI, like ChatGPT, can munch through loads of old data to guess what might happen next. But hold on—these AI bots aren’t geniuses yet! They’re like simple bots following basic orders, not clever thinkers, as trader Eric Crown explained in his YouTube video earlier.

These AI tools are wizards with public blockchain data, helping us understand how crypto works and spot possible market risks. But here’s the catch: loads of market info is locked away in centralized exchanges, hidden from AI’s view. That limits how accurately AI can predict complex trading strategies.

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