Why CZ and Binance Settlement with DoJ is Good For the Crypto Industry? – Coinpedia Fintech News

In the wake of Changpeng Zhao (CZ)’s resignation as CEO of Binance, the crypto world is witnessing a significant turning point. CZ’s decision, influenced by legal pressures from the United States Department of Justice, highlights the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency regulation and compliance. Several industry experts have been voicing their perspectives on the matter.

From Controversy to Compliance

Austin Campbell, Founder & Managing Partner of Zero Knowledge Consulting, provides an insightful perspective on Binance’s transformation. He distinguishes between the “old” Binance, marred by regulatory shortcomings, and the “new” Binance, which has shown marked improvements in compliance, particularly post-2021.

This transformation signifies Binance’s journey from being a platform with serious KYC/AML issues to becoming more responsive to law enforcement and tightening its regulatory practices.

Adding to the discourse, prominent crypto lawyer John Deaton commented on the inevitability of CZ’s decision in the face of legal pressures. Deaton suggests that accepting a deal, which includes maintaining his stake in Binance while facing possible probation, was a strategic move, reflecting the harsh realities of navigating legal challenges in the crypto world.

A Balanced Settlement

Campbell further analyzes the settlement between Binance and the Department of Justice, noting its balanced nature. Neither side achieves its desired outcome; CZ steps down, yet Binance escapes, becoming another FTX. This middle ground in the settlement indicates a step towards more robust regulatory compliance in the crypto industry.

Reacting to a community member’s comment, Campbell agrees that these developments benefit cryptocurrency’s long-term health and adoption. He observes a shift from an initial revolutionary stance against traditional systems to a more pragmatic approach, integrating crypto operations within existing legal frameworks.

Meanwhile, the crypto market is already reeling from the aftereffects of these recent developments. All cryptocurrencies in the top 20, especially BTC, Ether, and BNB, have plummeted in the past hour, a painful reminder of the market is volatility. The crypto community now awaits Binance and CZ’s official statements and further insights.

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