Gitcoin Grants Aims to Raise $1M+ in Ethereum Towards Ukraine

In an interview earlier this week, Gitcoin Co-founder, Scott Moore, explained that the fundraising towards the humanitarian effort was being held in a democratic way and according to the will of many versus that of a few.  He said:

The goal is essentially…you have a pool of say twenty guarantees. You have a two-week period in which anyone can donate to those guarantees. Which is actually the period we are in now up until March 24th.

And the goal would be to use…basically that signal to distribute the matching pool from our larger funders…

Gitcoin’s funds drive comes at a time when crypto donations towards the humanitarian and war effort in Ukraine, have been reported to have raised close to $100 million. According to the team at Slowmist, the exact figure of crypto donations towards Ukraine is currently at $84.939 million.

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