Joel Monegro on Ethereum vs Solana: Unpacking the Android and iOS Analogy

On 10 October 2023, Joel Monegro, Managing Partner at Placeholder, a venture capital firm specializing in blockchain and crypto, offered a detailed analysis of Ethereum and Solana through the lens of Android and iOS mobile operating systems.

According to Monegro, Ethereum shares similarities with Android, the world’s most widely used mobile operating system. He points out that Android’s open and modular nature allows it to run on a wide range of devices from various manufacturers. In the same vein, Ethereum is becoming more of a platform for third-party networks, particularly layer-2 (L2) solutions. Monegro notes that these L2 networks, which use Ethereum for security or its Virtual Machine (EVM) as an operating system, currently handle about 5-6 times more transactions than Ethereum’s mainnet. He suggests that this transaction volume could potentially scale up to 100 times or more.

Monegro also discusses the challenges that come with Ethereum’s diverse ecosystem. He draws a parallel with Android, where developers have to consider multiple device specifications and versions of the operating system. In Ethereum’s case, smart contracts may not function seamlessly across all EVM-compatible networks, requiring developers to invest additional time in adjustments and testing. Monegro also mentions that the user experience can become fragmented due to the lack of uniformity across networks and wallets.

On the other side, Monegro compares Solana to iOS, which is known for its integrated and consistent user experience. According to him, Solana’s unified network is faster and more cost-effective than Ethereum and many other EVM networks. This allows developers to concentrate on improving their applications without the concerns of transaction speed or gas costs. Monegro believes this also solves many of the user experience issues that are prevalent in the Ethereum ecosystem.

In Monegro’s opinion, the question of which platform is “better” is not the point. He emphasizes that both Ethereum and Solana offer different trade-offs, and the key is that they provide options for developers and users to make their own choices based on their specific needs.

Monegro also touches upon the significance of understanding the financial and technological cycles when investing in crypto. He cautions against the emotional attachment to a single network and stresses the importance of acknowledging that the crypto landscape is continually evolving.

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