GOP Congressman Who Investigated Benghazi Calls Trump Inciting Riot ‘A Misstep’

A Republican congressman who spent years investigating the 2012 Benghazi raid, during which four Americans died, said Monday that Democrats were “overplaying” the five deaths that resulted from last week’s riot at the U.S. Capitol.

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) said during an appearance on Fox Business that President Donald Trump had made a “misstep” after host Maria Bartiromo asked him if an impeachment effort would have any real effect. 

“Well, it’s probably similar to shutting off the Twitter feed of somebody after his presidency is essentially over,” Issa said. “It’s kicking him when he’s down. It’s getting rid of 88 million people who follow and listen to the president.”

Issa then suggested Democrats were just playing politics. 

“There’s no question at all that, I think, the liberals saw an opportunity, a misstep by the president, that they’re going to overplay, and they’re overplaying it as we speak,” he said. “They’re overplaying a lot of things, including the death of these people on Capitol Hill.”

Many Republicans have attempted to paint Black Lives Matter protests against police violence and racial injustice as violent, dangerous gatherings — an argument Issa seemed to repeat when talking about the attack on the Capitol. 

“It was a terrible event, terrible things, people need to be punished, but of course they’re trying to use it to imply that there’s only one side that has violence and completely ignoring all of last year and the unchecked violence from the left,” he said.

You can see the exchange below.

Many Twitter users noted that Issa and other Republicans conducted numerous investigations into the Benghazi raid, none of which produced evidence of wrongdoing by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Others just couldn’t seem to believe the politician was downplaying the historical riots. 

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