Kamala Harris' self-inflicted, bad first year

Kamala Harris suggests racism, sexism are to blame for failures, ‘The Five’ discusses

‘The Five’ react to Harris’ recent CBS interview on what is hindering her tenure.

Much like the famed Hippocratic Oath, the job of a vice president is “First, do no harm.”

Ideally, a vice president should be supportive of her administration as a political goodwill ambassador that builds her party’s governing go right coalition. Unfortunately, for Kamala Harris, the Democrats, and the nation so far, Kamala Harris has been unsuited for the job and has endured many self-inflicted wounds en route to her historically low approval numbers.

Thomas Marshall, who may well be unknown to many, said of his vice presidency under Woodrow Wilson: “Being vice president is comparable to a man in a cataleptic fit; he cannot speak; he cannot move; he suffers no pain; he is perfectly conscious of all that goes on, but has no part in it.”


In the 24/7 internet/television age, however, such working anonymity no longer applies, let alone being a job just for men. For Kamala Harris, all of that is especially true.  Beyond being the first woman vice president – let alone her ethnicity – Kamala Harris knew that by taking this job, she would be asked to do much more than every previous vice president because of the physical and mental condition of Joe Biden.

Harris jumped at the historic opportunity, but by any measure, it has been a dismal first year.

At the outset, it is easy and right to point to her historically low approval numbers. Her RealClearPolitics polling approval average is at 38.6%. Needless to say, even in this hyper-partisan, divided era, no vice president has ended their first year below 40%.

How she got there is also rather clear. Yes, it is true that President Biden’s policies and polling have been poor as well. In plain truth, however, Harris has not done what it takes to rise above that.

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