Tell us what Kamala Harris making history as vice president means to you — and the country

  • On Wednesday, Kamala Harris will make history as she's sworn in as the nation's first female, Black, and South Asian American vice president. 
  • For millions of Americans, Jan. 20 will mark the first time they'll see themselves reflected at the highest level of government.
  • Insider wants our readers to reflect on this unprecedented moment in American history — which takes place against the backdrop of a recent, violent insurrection, and a persisting threat of pro-Trump extremists heading to Washington, DC once again.
  • Tell us how it will feel to watch Harris get inaugurated. We're gathering responses for a project about this historic day and what it means to them.
  • Scroll down to share your thoughts with Insider. We may contact you to follow up on your responses.
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Inauguration Day will be a landmark moment in American history. Former California Senator Kamala Harris will become the first Black and South Asian American woman sworn in as vice president. With one oath, she will also become the highest-ranking woman in US political history. 

The symbolism of this moment could not be more profound. 

Harris takes office when America's racial inequalities have been thrust to the fore by the pandemic, 2020 election, and months-long protests against police brutality. Millions of people who have never seen such representation in this country will now see themselves reflected in one of the country's highest-ranking leaders. 

But Harris's inauguration will take place under the watch of thousands of National Guard troops and behind a quickly-erected, city-wide fortress meant to stave off a repeat of January 6, when a racist, pro-Trump mob attacked the Capitol.

There's no doubt Harris's moment will be remembered by history. But how does this moment feel for Americans right now?

We want you to tell us how you'll experience her Inauguration — and how you think history should remember this moment — using the form below. 

Will you watch her inauguration with your daughters? Will you get together on Zoom with friends and family to experience this day together? Who in your life will you think of at that moment? What will Inauguration Day mean to you and the country's future?

Insider will use your responses to compile a story featuring your memories of this historic and symbolic day.




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