BBC presenter Jemma Cooper leaves broadcaster after ‘calling the Corporation “The Devil” and protesting against lockdown

BBC presenter Jemma Cooper has left after branding the broadcaster the "devil" and taking part in anti-lockdown protests.

The veteran news and weather journalist was taken off-air for three months after footage showed her mingling with Covid conspiracy theorists.

Jemma, 49, also allegedly slammed the BBC in a Covid-denial WhatsApp group.

A member asked her at the time: "Are you the weather girl Jemma?"

She is said to have written: "Yes alas I work for the devil at the moment.

"I joined the corporation in 1999 when I was 28 and fully asleep. Comatose."

The broadcaster has confirmed Jemma "no longer works for the BBC" but have not elaborated further.

It comes four months after a whistleblower claimed one colleague was "left in tears" following a row with Jemma over the protests.


She once allegedly turned up at the BBC Bristol newsroom after attending a march in Birmingham organised by Piers Corbyn.

The whistleblower said Beeb employees feared she was putting them in danger and claimed Jemma was convinced Covid-19 was not real.

Jemma also pleaded guilty in the same month to drink-driving after she was found to be twice over the legal limit in her Fiat 500.

The presenter was banned from driving for 17 months and fined £440 at Bristol Magistrates' Court.

Jemma joined the BBC in the North in 1999 before moving to BBC Bristol the following year.

She worked for Points West on live TV news and later became a weather presenter for the programme.

In her BBC profile, she said: "Journalism is in my blood and I am confident about telling the weather story every day but weather is a science and I have put a lot of effort in to learn as much as I can about it.”

Jemma has previously declined to comment.

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