Cleveland dog is hypnotised by a washing machine

Watch out for the spin cycle! Hilarious moment Pixie the puppy is hypnotised by the washing machine

  • Samantha Mcauley, 49, filmed her puppy Pixie watching the washing machine 
  • Ms Mcauley from Loftus, Cleveland picked up her phone and filmed the puppy 
  • She said she bred four-month-old Pixie and knows that ‘she is a proper character’

Forget keeping watch for cats and squirrels, this puppy can’t keep its eyes off the laundry spinning inside a washing machine.  

Pixie, a four-month-old whippet cross, was in danger of making herself dizzy as she followed the rotating drum with her head in hilarious footage. 

It was filmed by her owner Samantha Mcauley, 49, at their home in Loftus, Cleveland, on Sunday night.  

Pixie the four-month-old whippet cross puppy was transfixed by the washing machine at her owner Samantha Mcauley’s home in Loftus, Cleveland, on Sunday night 

Pixie followed the clothes around as the drum spun inside the washing machine 

Pixie, pictured rear, was transfixed by the washing machine as it went through its cycles

Ms Mcauley describes Pixie as a ‘proper character’ but added: ‘I have never seen her do this before.’ 

She had feared the puppy would lose interest in the washing machine before she had a chance to pick up her phone and film her. 

However, Ms Mcauley added: ‘But she kept going so I managed to film it. I thought it was hilarious.’ 

Ms Mcauley added: ‘I bred her so have had her from birth. She is a proper character.’  

Her footage has had more than 1,800 likes since she shared it on the Lurcher appreciation society Facebook page. 

One fan asked – tongue in cheek – whether there was a squirrel inside the washing machine. 

Others asked whether the dog’s favourite teddy was being washed. Many more said the footage was ‘adorable’ and the best thing they had seen all week.  

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