Grandmother's shock after her granddaughter dyes her hair pink

‘I’ve just decided I am dying’: 90-year-old grandmother’s hilarious overreaction after her granddaughter, 20, dyes her hair bright pink

  • Sara Louise Kay from Bay Village, Cleveland Ohio wanted to shock her granny 
  • The 20-year old student dyed her hair from its natural brown to a shocking pink
  • Ms Kay said her grandmother, Sara, has been staying with her family for support
  • The 90-year-old grandmother said: ‘I’m gonna die’ after seeing the new style  

This is the hilarious moment a granddaughter reveals her newly-dyed pink hair to her grandmother who proclaims ‘I’m gonna die and you’re not coming’. 

Sara Louise Kay from Bay Village, Cleveland, Ohio recorded herself ahead of revealing her new hair colour to her grandmother also called Sara, known in the family as GG. 

According to Ms Kay: ‘My grandma has lived with us for a while so that we can take care of her and worry less about her. We prefer it to having her living on her own so that we know she’s safe.’

Sara Louise Kay from Bay Village, Cleveland, Ohio recorded herself ahead of revealing her new hair colour to her grandmother also called Sara, known in the family as GG

Ms Kay’s 90-year-old grandmother Sarah, who is known as Gorgeous Grandmother, said she was ‘going to die’ after seeing her granddaughter’s new hair style

According to the footage Ms Kay’s grandmother asked her why she was wearing the hat before noticing the shocking pink hair underneath her granddaughter’s hat.

The 90-year-old woman turns her head towards her granddaughter and says: ‘It looks awfully red a the bottom.’

When Ms Kay removes her hat, her grandmother’s reaction is immediate.

The grandmother responds: ‘Oh you did not. Well. I’m going to die and you’re not coming. I’ve jus decided I’m dying.’

The old woman lowers her head and sighs: ‘Aw, that is awful. You just want to rebel.’

Ms Kay’s mother defends her daughter suggesting the 20-year-old student is a bit too old to rebel.

When Ms Kay suggests that dyeing her hair is fun, her grandmother responds: ‘It’s not fun to me.’

‘She just turned 90 years old in November so she’s got lots of health issues that come with age but we support and take care of her and love having her in the home.’

Ms Kay said the family call the 90-year-old pensioner GG, which stands for Gorgeous Grandmother. 

She said: ‘We’re very close, I make her a cup of tea every afternoon and sit with her. She loves to listen to the songs I write, and when I had to move back to college for the semester she was very upset to see me go, so I’m looking forward to seeing her next. 

‘I decided to film her reaction because she was born in 1930 – a totally different time where women had very different constraints and were held to a different standard.’

 Ms Kay admitted she wanted to shock her grandmother with the new colour. 

She added: ‘The thought of dyeing your hair an unnatural color like hot pink back then was super unheard of. 

‘I knew she’d be upset because that’s just not something she’s used to, and loves my natural hair which is usually long and brown. She’s very funny and just as dramatic as me so i knew her reaction would be crazy.’

Ms Kay admitted she wanted to share her grandmother’s reaction to her social media fans. 

She concluded: ‘I have a small following on TikTok and I thought some of my friends and followers would enjoy it and it turns out a whole lot of people did too.’

More than 11,000 people have commented on the hilarious video. One social media user said: ‘At least your mom approves, both my mom and my grandma would have killed me.’

Another said: ‘Older folks are so funny without even trying.’

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