Just 54 Tory MPs required to trigger a no-confidence vote

Boris Johnson could be removed as Tory leader if 54 of his MPs send letters to backbench 1922 Committee

  • 54 Tory MPs need to write to 1922 Committee to trigger a no confidence vote
  • Such a vote would require 15 per cent of MPs to write letters to 1922 Committee 

Boris Johnson could be toppled as Tory leader if enough of his own MPs turn against him.

Under the Conservative Party’s rules, a confidence vote would be triggered if 15 per cent of MPs write letters of no-confidence to the chairman of the backbench 1922 Committee. 

That would require 54 of the 360 Tory MPs to send letters to Sir Graham Brady, who would keep the tally secret until the threshold was reached.

Boris Johnson could be toppled as Tory leader if 15 per cent – or 54 out of 360 – of his own MPs turn against him

A vote of no confidence would be held quickly and Mr Johnson would be ousted if more than 50 per cent of Tory MPs voted against him.

He would then not be allowed to stand in the subsequent leadership contest, in which MPs would whittle down the field of contenders to two before party members had the final say.

The last confidence vote was held in December 2018 when, after months of speculation, enough MPs decided they no longer had confidence in Theresa May’s leadership. 

She won the contest 200 votes to 117 – making her immune to another challenge for a year.

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