Man wielding a broom and pellet gun takes on huge huntsman spider

Bizarre footage captures the moment a man wearing only his underpants arms himself with a broom and PELLET gun to fend off a huntsman spider

  • Bizarre footage of a man wielding a pellet gun and broom was posted to TikTok
  • The man in red undies prods the spider before it crawls closer toward him
  • A barrage of pellets is shot at the huntsman spider before the man runs away 

A man wearing only his underpants has taken an interesting approach to getting rid of a huntsman spider lurking around his bathroom – shooting at it with a pellet gun.

The footage, which was posted to TikTok on Sunday, shows the anonymous man poking a toilet brush holder with the end of a broom before readying his gun.

‘Welcome to Australia, where spiders attack you,’ the footage posted by account @notjacksonjansen was captioned.

we ended up scooping it up and putting it out side 

After the man takes a few shots, the arachnid crawls towards him at great speed, prompting him to shoot a barrage of pellets at the huntsman.

As the cameraman runs away, the man is still firing his pellet gun when it’s revealed the heroic ‘gunman’ isn’t wearing any clothes.

The spider appears to be unharmed by the bizarre encounter and the man ‘ended up scooping it up and putting it outside’, the video later revealed.

Hilarious footage of a man wielding a broom and pellet gun taking on a huge huntsman spider has emerged on TikTok (pictured, the man in his undies)

TikTok Users in the comment section were quick to find humour in the video, with one person claiming that ‘even the scream has an accent’.

‘There is an essential oil for that, it’s called gasoline,’ one person said.

‘Another fantastic example of why you’ll never see me in Australia,’ another viewer wrote.

When he opens fire, the huge arachnid runs at him causing the man to scream and the person filming to run away (pictured, the huge spider)

Huntsman spiders are incredibly common in Australia and are large, brown long-legged arachnids.

The species are often found inside homes but generally are harmless if left alone and are brilliant at keeping flies and bugs at bay.

Although their bites can be painful they are considered low-risk in terms of venom and an ice pack is the best form of treatment if bitten. 

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