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BELLE Gibson's deadly deception has been untangled in a new ITVX docuseries titled The Search For Instagram’s Worst Con Artist.

A name linked to Gibson and her web of lies is Clive Rothwell. But who is he and how was he involved in the former influencer's fraud? Here's everything you need to know.

Who is Clive Rothwell?

Clive Rothwell was once rumoured to be engaged to "Wellness Guru" Belle Gibson – who built a successful business on false claims that she had cancer.

However, in 2019 when Gibson appeared in court she swore on oath that she knew little about Rothwell – including what he did for a living, which at the time was said to be an IT consultant.

However, sources told The Daily Mail that he was acting as her child's stepfather.

And it was reported by the Mail that he had "paid for her legal fees, including $5500 for lawyers who represented her in the Federal Court".

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How was Clive Rothwell involved with Belle Gibson?

In 2009, Belle Gibson's web of lies began.

Gibson claimed she underwent three heart surgeries, during which she died twice on the operating table, waking up to the prognosis she had an inoperable brain tumour and just six months to live.

A post written by Belle at the beginning of her sick scheme read: "Five years ago today, I was sitting in front of a man who was about to tell me I was dying from malignant brain cancer with six months to live."

In the years to follow, the twisted woman would conjure up a devious back story – appealing to cancer victims around the world – to build her brand.

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She claimed to battle through gruelling chemotherapy and radiotherapy for two months, before giving it up to explore alternative medicine as a cure.

Four years down the line, she alleged that nutrition and holistic medicine, coupled with vitamins and oxygen therapy was healing her naturally – and could do the same for other cancer sufferers.

Inspiring more than 300,000 followers, Belle went on to create an app – The Whole Pantry – in 2013 and write an accompanying cookbook.

In the book she informed her readers that a doctor told her about her cancer saying: “You’re dying. You have six weeks. Four months tops.”

The app was downloaded 200,000 times in the first month and quickly ranked No 1 in the App Store in its first month.

The success saw her move to a £582,200 beachside house, buy a new BMW X3, and get her teeth cosmetically straightened.

It appeared her wellness empire was untouchable – until everything came tumbling down for the blogger in 2015.

The con artist had previously claimed 95 per cent of her app proceeds went to charity and alleged she was working with 20 organisations.

Belle was contacted by journalists Beau Donelly and Nick Toscano who asked for a definitive list of the amounts given to the charities, and specific information about her health.

She was found out after it emerged she hadn't donated money to charity, after she claimed she had.

After Belle's lies were exposed, a sensational lawsuit followed in 2017.

Gibson's recipe book was also withdrawn by Penguin and her app was removed by Apple from its online store.

She was found guilty of five breaches of consumer law and fined $410,000 (£240,000).

Rothwell was identified by Gibson as the person who had been bankrolling her lifestyle since her deadly deception was exposed.

When Gibson appeared in Federal Court, she swore she knew little about Clive – who is believed to have blown thousands on her. 

According to reports, he paid for lavish overseas trips, paid her legal expenses and had financed her lifestyle. 

Does Belle Gibson have any children?

Gibson has one child – a son named Oliver.

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Gibson's son was born in July 2010, however, the identity of Oliver's father has not been publicly revealed.

Rothwell reportedly acted as a step-father to him.

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