Woman shares her favorite Dollar Tree cleaning secrets – including an amazing grout makeover

A WOMAN shared her favorite Dollar Tree cleaning secrets –including an amazing grout makeover in her bathroom.

She shared a load of budget-friendly tips – including using Dawn in the bathtub, to baking soda on her tiles – to keep your home sparkling clean.

YouTuber Kathryn – who runs the channel Do It On A Dime – shared the Dollar Tree cleaning tips in a video.

In one tip, she said if she isn't motivated to clean, she'll set a timer for 15minutes and tackle all that she can.

She said she works from top to bottom in her bathroom.

"I love this Window Clean. It's by LA Totally Awesome," she said as she showed off the product she uses on her mirror with a $1 glass cleaning rag.

She then showed that she uses a dish washer sponge with a handle to scrub her counters.

"The sponges are really high-quality and get between the knobs on your faucet really well," she said.

She revealed how she cleans her vanity counter after letting it soak with cleaner.

Next, she said that she uses Dollar Tree furniture polish – as she said it "does a great job of getting soap scum off of your wood" and she cleaned the frame around her mirror and cabinets.

Kathryn then revealed she uses car wash mitts to clean the blinds – dusting off all the vanes.

Next, she showed off her favorite products to clean her jacuzzi tub.

"I always pick up this mini bleach from Dollar Tree, because once it gets opened it loses its potency over time," the budgeter revealed.

She said she pours half a bottle in with hot water, and runs the jets to let the tub clean itself.

Kathryn said while her tub is running, she uses Lime-A-Way on her toilets.

After cleaning her toilet, she revealed the black grime left behind in the tub.

"If you don't want to break your back bending over trying to scrub out the tub, I use this to push all of that down the drain," she said as she revealed a handle mop.

Next, she showed how she uses Dawn PowerWash – made for the kitchen – on the bath with the handled sponge as she said it gets "all of the grime out."

Then, she showed how she uses vinegar from the store in her steamer to clean her shower.

She said she then uses a $1 squeegee to wipe down the glass and tile.

In another nifty tip, she revealed how you can make a paste with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide on your tile grout – and scrub it clean with a Dollar Tree brush.

Once dry, the mix can then be swept away – and she said she mops afterward to get the leftover residue cleaned.

Kathryn then showed how she uses Dollar Tree caulk to give her bathroom a makeover as she lined the tub edge with painter's tape.

"I put a thin bead of caulk in the spot I want it to go, run over it with my finger, then remove the painter's tape," she said.

Showing a before-and-after shot, the thrifty woman revealed how her bathroom was transformed to a clean space.

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