You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the hidden snake among these giraffes in under seven seconds | The Sun

A CLEVERLY camouflaged snake is lurking among this herd of giraffes that is facing every which way.

You will really have to put your vision to the test to find the slippery reptile in only seven seconds among this forest scene.

In this fiendish head-scratcher, viewers have been left baffled trying to make out the snake among all the spots and necks of the giraffes.

The mind-bending picture challenges you to spot the odd animal out in a race against the clock.

Even the best puzzlers have been putting their eyes and brains to the test in this tricky illusion that plays with your eyes.

Optical illusions help to stimulate cognitive function, keeping your mind sharp and active and boosting creativity.

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Have you find the hidden snake?

If you are struggling, help is on the way.

Meanwhile, if you fancy a further challenge – are you able to find the one sad panda among a sea of happy ones in only 10 seconds in this eye-hurting illusion.

Or if you prefer a wordier-puzzle, only people with eagle eyes can spot the word ‘date’ in this brainteaser within 18 seconds.

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