Cryptocurrency Exchange Huobi Expands Its Suite of Trading Services

Huobi, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, today announced that the company is expanding its trading services through the extension of Huobi Derivatives Warrant. Launched in Vietnam on 3 September, Huobi introduced the product in different markets including India and Europe. Now, the company is planning to extend the Huobi Derivatives Warrant trading services to all its global markets by the end of September.

In an official press release, Huobi mentioned that its Derivatives Warrant service enables users to increase their potential. The mentioned service also facilitates clients through a sound and liquid market. Huobi Derivatives Warrant is a featured option product created by Huobi Futures, a derivatives trading platform under Huobi Global.

The cryptocurrency trading platform has expanded its services substantially since the start of 2021 amid a jump in the global adoption of digital assets. In terms of trading volume, Huobi is one of the largest digital exchanges in the world.

Commenting on the recent announcement, Du Jun, Co-Founder of Huobi Group, said: “Huobi Derivatives Warrant enables traders to choose multiple types of options corresponding to different market conditions. For example, if traders think it’s going to be a flat market going forward, they can lock in profits by configuring a price range with European spread options; If they anticipate the market to move in either direction without certainty of when exactly it will peak or bottom out, they can trade with leveraged American options.”

Huobi Derivatives Warrant

The cryptocurrency exchange is planning to facilitate its users through a wide range of trading services. According to the company, the new service mainly offers American options and European spread options.

“In contrast to traditional options service providers, Huobi Derivatives Warrant provides a sound and liquid market where users don’t have to bear losses in which the executed premium prices end up being different from the proposed ones, except in extreme cases. Without charging transaction and execution fees, Huobi Derivatives Warrant provides options with various expirations to choose from and supports large-volume trading,” Huobi mentioned.

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