What to expect from Biden's communications team

New York (CNN Business)At least six major news networks have assigned women to lead White House coverage of the Biden administration, raising the profile of female journalists in an institution long dominated by men.

CNN named Kaitlan Collins its chief White House correspondent, replacing Jim Acosta, who will be the anchor and chief domestic correspondent for the network.
ABC said Cecilia Vega will be its White House correspondent; The Washington Post named Ashley Parker as the newspaper’s White House bureau chief; Nancy Cordes will be CBS News’ chief White House correspondent; and Kristen Welker will be a co-chief White House correspondent for NBC with Peter Alexander.
Journalist Yamiche Alcindor has covered the White House for the PBS NewsHour since 2018, and she will continue to do so during the Biden administration.
“I’ve always thought women belonged in the front row — whether that’s in the White House briefing room or any other,” Collins said. “I am thrilled to be among this formidable group of reporters.”

The list notably includes women of color, including Welker, who in October of last year became the first Black woman to moderate a general-election presidential debate since 1992.
“It is clear that diversity in all forms including in gender and race is necessary to tell the stories of our generation in the most accurate and fair way,” Alcindor told CNN Business. “The American people are best served by a media that looks like the collage of experiences and backgrounds that make up this country.”
Ann Compton, a former ABC News White House correspondent remarked on how the balance of genders has shifted in the briefing room. “A generation ago, being the only woman was perhaps a blessing — I really stood out from the crowd.”
Compton added: “The day will come — should come — when it is not news that the majority in the public eye in any profession is female.” 
Starting Wednesday, more women will be represented on both sides of the lectern, as Biden’s communications team is fully staffed by women — a first in US history, according to the incoming administration.
Biden’s press secretary, Jen Psaki, will hold the administration’s first on-camera press briefing on Inauguration Day.
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